My 20 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2022 For Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s been a great year.

I appreciate your interest in my blog posts, newsletter, podcast, and tweets.

If you’re new to my universe, missed some of my posts this year, or just want to go back and re-read some of them for reference, following is a break down of my most popular posts of the year.

20. 10 Suggestions I Gave A Client To Better Monetize His Newsletter

“If your newsletter has a free and paid tier, don’t just pitch the paid product with a couple sentences in your free newsletter. Show readers what they’re missing.”

19. 5 Blog Post Templates That Attract Readers And Revenue

“Write a blog post that recommends the creations of others who have a similar target audience to yours and include your own creation within it.”

18. 12 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re A Creator

“What transformation do you want to help people make through your creations?”

17. Is Your Newsletter Working?

“It’s impossible to accomplish a goal you don’t define, so start there.”

16. 40 One-Sentence Creativity Tips

“The first step to becoming more creative is to stop telling yourself you’re not.”

15. 13 Books That Simplified Audience And Business Growth For Me This Year

“Most books aren’t useful.”

14. How To Decide If A Client Is A Good Fit For You

“Does this client have a clear goal they’re able to express?”

13. How I Earn $48,000 A Year From Ads In A Newsletter With 18,000 Subscribers

“I don’t do any sales outreach.”

12. How To Monetize Your Expertise: 6 Questions To Ask Yourself

“Choose traits few others have as opposed to opinions anyone can claim.”

11. Read This Before You Hire A Social Media Consultant

“If your goal is to sell more widgets, then it’s not your social media engagement that matters — it’s how many widgets you sell.”

10. Watch Me Remake A Creator’s Newsletter In Minutes

“I think of newsletters as value delivery mechanisms. And value is transformation.”

9. How To Handle Criticism

“Criticism is an opportunity.”

8. How To Use A Newsletter To Sell Products

“The more products you promote in a single newsletter, the less likely people are to buy one because you’re competing with yourself.”

7. 10 Ways I Turn What I Know Into Uniquely Valuable Content

“It’s one thing to show people how you succeeded at something, but it’s even more powerful if you also show them why your previous approach was wrong.”

6. 47 Lessons I’ve Learned About Being A Creative Entrepreneur

“Your audience is often the person you used to be.”

5. How To Use A Newsletter To Get Clients

“Your newsletter exists to attract and deliver value to your target audience — not to promote yourself.”

4. How To Become A Better Writer

“Writing isn’t one process — it’s three.”

3. 7 Twitter Templates To Use If You Don’t Know What To Tweet

“Find a journalist, author, podcaster, or business leader who tweets about a topic of interest to your audience and recommend people follow them.”

2. How To Get People To Buy Your Product

“The story around your product determines its value as much as the product itself.”

1. I Owe My Success As A Creative Entrepreneur To These 8 Questions I Ask Every Month

“If you had to stop doing 10% of what you’re doing, what would you abandon?”

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