13 Books That Simplified Audience and Business Growth For Me This Year

13 Books That Simplified Audience and Business Growth For Me This Year

Most books aren’t useful.


The following actionable books played a big role in the growth of my newsletter, podcast, and business this year.

They weren’t all published this year, but this was the year I read them…and benefited from doing so.

I bet you will too.

They’re listed in order of which ones I found most useful.

1. Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

This will help you understand how to leverage other people’s audiences to grow your own.

2. Make Noise by Eric Nuzum

This will help you create a podcast that stands out from the crowd, attracts the audience you want, and aligns with your ultimate goals.

3. Get Together by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh, and Kai Elmer Sotto

This will help you attract and grow a thriving community and/or develop a deeper connection with your audience.

4. Tiny Thunder by Sue Rice

This will give you a simple framework you can follow to make everything you write — from social media posts to sales page — significantly more effective.

5. Founder Brand by Dave Gerhardt

This will give you a step-by-step plan you can follow to turn your story and your work into content which attracts your ideal customers and grows your business.

6. Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

This will improve every element of your writing and most importantly help you sound more like a human and less like a corporate robot.

7. Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss

This will show you how to run a one-person expertise business that generates significant revenue without getting overwhelmed or saying yes to everything that comes your way.

8. Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

This will give you proven copywriting techniques that advertisers and marketers have used for decades to get people to purchase products and take action.

9. Work Less, Make More by James Schramko

This will show you how to streamline your business and set it up in a way that you’re able to maximize both your profits and the enjoyment you get out of your life in general.

10. A Self-Help Guide For Copywriters by Dan Nelken

This will teach you how to write powerful headlines and create marketing materials that resonate with your target audience.

11. Think Do Say by Ron Tite

This will help you better understand why it’s so hard to attract people’s attention and trust these days and who you how to do so.

12. Badass: Making Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra

This will reframe how you think about your business and show you the power of focusing on creating successful users of your product or service.

13. The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Although a bit dated at this point, this will give you a blueprint you can follow to launch and optimize a lifestyle business.

Bonus Recommendation!

It’s not a book, but if you’re a creative entrepreneur looking to grow your audience or business, you’ll find this super helpful.