My 20 Most Popular Articles Of 2021

As we wind down the year, I wanted to make it easy for you to access some of the most valuable tips I’ve shared to help you produce, promote, and profit from your creations.

Below are the articles I wrote that most resonated with people this year.

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20. How To Make Your To-Do List Less Overwhelming

“The infinite nature of your To-Do list makes it as likely to remind you of what you failed to do as it is what you did. No wonder you feel overwhelmed when you look at it. An Enough List can help.”

19. 40 One-Sentence Blogging Tips

“No one is looking for a blog post to read, but everyone is looking for a solution to a problem.”

18. 10 Fill-In-The-Blank Headlines You Can Use To Create Effective Content

“The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your _______ Forever”

17. 11 Ways To Use Blog Posts To Get Twitter Followers

“Create complementary content on Twitter and link to it in your blog post.”

16. How To Build Your Audience When Your Topic Is You

“You need to explain why people should care.”

15. How To Write A Newsletter

“Don’t open with a bunch of rambling explanations of what you’re about to tell people in the newsletter – just get to the good stuff.”

14. The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Productivity Forever

“Do one thing you’ve avoided every day.”

13. Triple Your Twitter Reach: 30-Day Twitter Reply Challenge

“All you have to do is post one reply a day to someone on Twitter for a month, using the prompts I share.”

12. 12 Things You Don’t Have To Do To Succeed As A Creator

“You don’t have to be everywhere. The more social platforms you use, the less you’re likely to get from them.”

11. 10 Ways To Boost Sales In One Minute

“Send an email to your email list asking how you can help them.”

10. How I Went From Reading Zero Books To 20 A Year

“You don’t have to finish every book you start.”

9. 40 One-Sentence Product Sales Tips

“To get customers to say yes, remove the reasons they say no.”

8. How I Write Clearly

“A single person’s story often conveys more than a mountain of statistics or research ever could.”

7. 24 Concepts That Will Grow Your Audience And Business

“The way to create value for people is to help them transform.”

6. The One-Sentence Goal Formula

“I want to get _______ by helping _______ get _______ without doing _______.”

5. How To Write A Powerful First Sentence

“The job of your first sentence is to get people to read your next sentence.”

4. 39 Creativity Newsletters Worth Reading

“In order to take advantage of the incredible wisdom, resources, and inspiration available, you have to know where to find it.”

3. How To Get Newsletter Subscribers

“A collection of the most valuable advice I’ve shared about how to get newsletter subscribers.”

2. 40 One-Sentence Productivity Tips

“If you’re not doing it, it’s not a priority.”

1. 40 One-Sentence Email Tips

“If a message was truly urgent, it wouldn’t have been sent to you in an email.”

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