Skill Sessions

Stop Guessing. Start Growing.

Want to take the guesswork out of audience and business growth?

Skill Sessions are one-hour video workshops featuring step-by-step systems you can use to accomplish your goals.

The workshops don’t waste time with theoretical advice.

Each one includes specific actions, templates, and strategies you can apply in minutes to make your work more effective and efficient.

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When you join Skill Sessions, you get immediate access to the following sessions:

Skill Session 1: Write Your Most Successful Blog Post Ever

A system to write the most valuable blog post you’ve ever written.

You’ll learn how to:

• Choose a powerful blog post topic and test it to gauge interest

• Create a simple outline that makes writing easier

• Conquer your fears and imposter syndrome

• Edit your blog post

• Publish and promote your blog post in ways that attract readers

An excerpt:

Skill Session 2: The Content Compass

A system to find share-worthy content.

You’ll learn how to:

• Find and choose content your audience will love

• Find valuable people to follow in your niche

• Set up an automated system to get content delivered to you

• Easily store and access your finds

• Become an expert in your niche and discover content others have not

An excerpt from The Content Compass:

Skill Session 3: The Newsletter Booster

A system to get more newsletter subscribers in 5 minutes a day.

You’ll learn how to:

• Increase the conversion rate on your signup page

• Use social media to get subscribers

• Optimize your content to get subscribers

• Get other people with audiences to promote your newsletter

• Get the most bang for your buck from paid promotion

An excerpt from The Newsletter Booster:

Skill Session 4: The Niche Definer

A system to get clarity on who you serve and how best to serve them.

You’ll learn how to:

• Find a unique niche for yourself

• Focus your efforts on attracting your ideal audience

• Use a “Niche Definer Grid” to identify a niche that fits your skills, interests, and experience

• Avoid common traps that make most niches ineffective

An excerpt from The Niche Definer:

Skill Session 5: The Client Generator

A system to attract and convert your ideal clients.

You’ll learn how to:

• Get more clients

• Attract the types of clients you most want to work with

• Earn more revenue per client

• Get more value out of the time and effort you put into content and social media

An excerpt from The Client Generator:


In addition to instant access to the Sessions listed above, you’ll also get access to the next six Sessions that will be published in the coming year and an invitation to attend the live Zoom recording of each Session.

During the recordings you have the opportunity to ask questions and get specific feedback on how to apply these systems to your own work as well as learn from others who attend.

You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It

Here’s what Skill Sessions members have to say:

“I just finished a blogging Skill Session with Josh Spector that was outstanding.

He has a way of simplifying things that makes them very easy to implement.

I highly recommend them.”

Max Bernstein

“I was thrilled when Josh used my example for his Skill Session on The Content Compass.

Based on his suggestions, I was able to devise a straightforward and efficient roadmap for me and my team on how to research relevant content for my audience and when/how to share it on LinkedIn.

Going forward, I will also apply these tips to updating my newsletter.

As an entrepreneur with two businesses, time is my number one asset – and Josh helped me free up around two hours a week for more creative tasks. That’s huge!”

Micha Goebig

“I used the tips from the Skill Session on how to write your most successful blog post ever to write my latest blog post.

It has been my best performing blog post so far – almost 3,000 views, plenty of free subscribers, and even paid subscribers for my newsletter.”

Ayush Chaturvedi

I’m Not The Only One Who Can Help You, But…

I’m no fool and neither are you.

Let’s not pretend I’m the only person on the planet who can help you.

There are a TON of “experts” out there you can choose to learn from and it’s possible there’s someone out there better for you.


If you want to learn from someone who practices what they preach, simplifies the complex, and shares only actionable advice, then you’re going to love what I have for you.

The strategies I share in Skill Sessions reveal how I’ve built an 18,000-subscriber newsletter, attracted 20,000 Twitter followers, had millions of people read my writing, and built a six-figure business through consulting, information products, and sponsorships.

If you aspire to do those kinds of things, Skill Sessions are for you.

(Btw, I also previously ran digital marketing for The Oscars for almost a decade and worked for a variety of major entertainment industry companies and tech startups, so I bring a lot of corporate expertise to the table as well!)

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