Skill Sessions

Audience and Business Growth Made Simple

It’s not easy to grow your audience and business.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

My SKILL SESSIONS are one-hour video presentations in which I share simple systems you can follow to accomplish specific goals.

Each one includes specific actions, templates, and strategies you can apply in minutes to make your work more effective and efficient.

They’re based on proven tactics I’ve used to attract 21,000 newsletter subscribers, 26,000 Twitter followers, and build a six-figure business as a solopreneur.

The Two Ways You Can See My Skill Sessions

1. Purchase any individual Session you want for $50.

2. Become a Skill Sessions member for $150 to get ALL 12 Sessions for about $12 per Session.

(Yes, that’s a GREAT deal.)

As a member, you get immediate access to every existing Session AND the next six I’ll release over the next 12 months.

Plus, you get to vote on upcoming Session topics, attend live recordings, and get personalized help by asking questions during the Sessions.

Available Skill Sessions

Click the Session title you’re interested in from the list below to learn more about that Session, view free excerpts, and purchase it individually.

The Content Maximizer

A simple system to get more value out of the content you create.

The Newsletter Booster

A simple system to get newsletter subscribers in 5 minutes a day.

The Client Generator

A simple system to attract and convert your ideal clients.

The Niche Definer

A simple system to clarify who you want to serve and how you want to serve them.

The Product-In-A-Day Creator

A system to create, launch, and sell a simple product in a day.

The Content Compass

A simple system to find share-worthy content.

Write Your Most Successful Blog Post Ever

A simple system to write the most effective blog post you’ve ever written.

Reminder: Become a member here to get immediate access to ALL these Sessions.

You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It

Here’s what Skill Sessions members have to say:

“I’ve been struggling with the best way to turn my content into revenue while I build my audience. I purchased Josh’s Client Generator Skill Session in late September and found it so useful that I immediately purchased the full-year subscription.

Product in a Day was the first session I’ve attended live and it far exceeded my expectations.

The 30-minute presentation was succinct and actionable…and THEN Josh spent the next 30 minutes helping attendees develop specific product ideas. I anticipate this one session will return at least 10X what I paid for the entire subscription before the year is out.” – Peter Osborne

“I just finished a blogging Skill Session with Josh Spector that was outstanding.

He has a way of simplifying things that makes them very easy to implement.

I highly recommend them.”

Max Bernstein

“Josh’s Skill Sessions help me think differently. I always learn something new. There’s always something I can implement right now, and more ideas to implement in the future.” – Tom Killen

“Two of the product ideas Josh discussed had never occurred to me and I can easily do them in one day. I brainstormed the bullet points immediately after the session! Thanks for making this so easy!” – Karen Barnard

“I was thrilled when Josh used my example for his Skill Session on The Content Compass.

Based on his suggestions, I was able to devise a straightforward and efficient roadmap for me and my team on how to research relevant content for my audience and when/how to share it on LinkedIn.

Going forward, I will also apply these tips to updating my newsletter.

As an entrepreneur with two businesses, time is my number one asset – and Josh helped me free up around two hours a week for more creative tasks. That’s huge!”

Micha Goebig

“Josh provided frameworks for coming up with a product in a day — creativity happens within constraints and the constraints provided sparked a ton of ideas, not to mention ways of packaging and promoting products I hadn’t considered.

This session feels like the kicker to finally start promoting digital products, without the overwhelm and fear of it not being perfect!” – Ellen Donnelly

“I used the tips from the Skill Session on how to write your most successful blog post ever to write my latest blog post.

It has been my best performing blog post so far – almost 3,000 views, plenty of free subscribers, and even paid subscribers for my newsletter.”

Ayush Chaturvedi

“Great information summarized in a way that was simple to follow and easy to implement.” – Jay Rombach

“Straight to the essence: Clearly explained, actionable advice, with lots of angles to approach things from.” – Andrew Chapman

“I wasted a lot of time and money to understand how to create info products – you saved my future investments.” – Shailendra Vijayvergia

“This was my first Session and DAMN! I took a ton of notes because it was all helpful.” – Lisa Avila