A 90-Minute Solution To What Holds Your Business Back

I assume you work hard.

If that’s true and yet your business isn’t quite where you want it to be, I bet I know why:

A lack of clarity.

Clarity in who you serve.

How to reach them.

How to help them.

How to sell to them.

And most importantly…

How to align your content, marketing, products, and offers to accomplish your goals.

This lack of clarity breeds frustration, overwhelm, and an all-too-common feeling:

“I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, but it’s not quite working – something’s off.”

That’s what my Clarity Calls help you solve.

They ensure the time, effort, and investment you put into your business pays off.

As an entrepreneur who recently did a Clarity Call with me said, “It’s like magic.”

What You Get On A Clarity Call

A Clarity Call is a 90-minute Zoom call where I take you through my Clarity framework and help you go from confused about how to get what you want to crystal clear on exactly what to do.

On the call I’ll ask you a series of questions and help you craft one-sentence answers to them in a document we create in real-time that’s tailored to address your specific goals and challenges.

You’ll come out of the call with:

Clear content topics to attract your ideal audience

Clear marketing messaging to connect with your ideal audience and stand out

Clear products or services to offer that your ideal audience will pay for

And most importantly, these will all be aligned to make you more efficient and effective.

You’ll also receive a recording of our call and the document we create during it as references to guide you moving forward.

How To Schedule A Clarity Call

As you’ll see from the testimonials below, my Clarity Calls are game-changing for entrepreneurs.

But their availability is limited.

I rarely do more than one per month and the investment to book one is $1,500.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Clarity Call, contact me at josh@joshspector.com.

Comments From Previous Clients

“I waited a bit longer than I should have to book a Clarity Call with Josh because it’s a big investment for me at this point.

But after the conversation, I wish I would have booked a Clarity Call sooner.

I’ve been losing out on major revenue due to a lack of clarity in my messaging and working with Josh helped get to the root of who I serve and why.

I tend to overthink and muddle my strategy in my own mind so it was extremely helpful to have an objective view of my work.

I’d highly recommend booking a Clarity Call with Josh – he was well prepared, insightful, and thorough.

The result was a fit to the missing piece of my solopreneur strategy.”

Courtney Johnson

“I am very wary of coaching-style calls. They’ve often been too generic, woo-woo, or theoretical to be useful. 

I need to be reasonably confident I will walk away with a plan of action, but I got several great outcomes from my Clarity Call with Josh:

The ability to reframe opportunities that were hiding in plain sight, the calling out of choices that were directly getting in my way, and crystal clear language on the who and what of my business.

The call was dialed in to give me exactly what I needed – hyper-specific clarity and direction.

The framework and notes made it actionable and removed the fatigue that comes with ambiguity.

I would absolutely recommend a Clarity Call to others.” 

April MacLean

“The price was at the edge of my price point, but I felt comfortable with the rate even though it was a big stretch because I was already ‘nodding my head’ and getting great ideas from Josh’s podcast.

The call gave me clarity – I had a major breakthrough about my real market and what I was trying to do with my practice.

I thought there was a pool of clients I ‘had’ to tap even though I ‘wanted’ to work with a different pool of clients – Josh reminded me I could choose my target audience and always make a new choice!

I’d recommend booking a Clarity Call because getting 1:1 time with Josh and his experience was really valuable.

I also loved that he took notes on the call which enabled me to really focus on my thoughts and ideas.

Joining his Skill Sessions membership for ongoing support has been incredibly valuable as well and I’ve already benefited from that.”

Mark Wiggington

“Working with Josh was an absolute delight!

He went above and beyond in every way and it was obvious how much he cared about memy business…and my success.

His practical, actionable framework helped my team and I get the clarity we needed to drastically improve the effectiveness of our email newsletter and social posts…which will no doubt yield a massive increase in revenue.

Booking Josh for a Clarity Call was well worth the time and money investment.”

Alan Stein

“I wasn’t sure exactly what the session would be focused on and worried it might not be a fit for me or that Josh’s advice might not translate to my domain of running a Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps business.

But it clarified the value my company actually provides to our specific target market and I’d absolutely recommend a Clarity Call to others.

Most entrepreneurs struggle with how to communicate about their business and the foundation of that communication has to be understanding who your target customer is and what you do for them, so every entrepreneur would benefit from a call like this.

I loved how efficient the meeting was – it ran 90 minutes and having Josh craft and edit the Clarity document in real-time was a super-impressive thing to be a part of. 

In the end, I walked away with the video of our conversation, the Clarity document we created on the call, and no need for a bunch of additional back and forth. Loved it!”

– Chris Reynolds, Founder and CEO Surton

“Someone recommended Josh to me so I felt confident he would be able to help me get clear on my messaging, but I wasn’t sure whether we’d be able to get to the heart of the challenge and find solutions in just 90 minutes.

I was worried it might be a bit surface.

But I found the Clarity Call to be simple, effective, and enjoyable. It gave me a much clearer idea of what to talk and write about to attract the right clients for me.

I now have a greater sense of clarity and peace.

I’d recommend a call to anyone who is going around in circles or blocking themselves from creating and executing a content plan.

I also enjoyed the real-time nature of the work. Often with these things it feels like it’s going to require a super lengthy and involved process which is all too easy to put off.

But in just 90 minutes I got what I need and am ready to move forward.”

Cheryl Clements

“I’ve never been more clear about my target audience, the service I can provide, and the content I can create to attract the right clients than after my Clarity Call with Josh.

I’ve worked with coaches and advisors before, but have never received such clear and actionable next steps.

I’d recommend a Clarity Call to anyone serious about their business. It’s a shortcut – no need to waste months and years trying to figure things out yourself.”

Junhan Chin

“I booked a Clarity Call with Josh the minute I saw he was offering 1×1 calls.

On our call I got a framework I can use to create audience-focused content and products faster and easier.

I absolutely recommend him because he provides a perfect balance of listening and suggesting to tease out an impactful, helpful framework.

I already feel my work getting easier to complete and more focused for my audience — his use of examples and added perspective made the process even more helpful.

Some consultants ask good questions, but offer few answers. Josh did both.”

– Bobby Dysart, Student of Intention

“I originally hesitated to do my first consulting call with Josh because it was a big investment for a small company, but I never regretted it!

It helped me so much that I contacted him a few more times to do it again throughout the year.

Finding your North Star to move in the right direction is an incredible way to save money and time and that’s exactly what Josh helped me do.

I now move with more confidence in my strategy and know what to create to continue to grow as a business owner.

I definitely recommend Josh to any online creator who has a newsletter or writes online. He has the right mix of hard skills, knowledge, and human skills to share and I loved it.

Booking calls with him was one of the best decisions I made all year.”

– Killian Talin, Inspiration Creative

“Prior to speaking with Josh we weren’t sure if he’d have the necessary domain knowledge to help us, but we were impressed with him from our first call.

He was enthusiastic, offered up ideas on his feet and examples of what other newsletters were doing to grow.

We came into the process as a successful business intelligence provider, but got industry knowledge from Josh and really saw how our whole operation fit into the newsletter world.

He helped us understand where the industry had been, where it was going, what was working and what wasn’t in a mere three months rather than the five years of experience it would have taken to garner.

On a practical note, the bespoke strategic plans he generated gave us an easy jumping-off point for a marketing firm we hired as well as day-to-day operations use.

I also found his Newsletter Creators Facebook group highly useful for both making connections of like-minded people and seeing what’s working for others.

Anyone who runs a newsletter and has ambitions to make it a sustainable business of value should talk to Josh.

It’s a small field and there are not many players who have the industry pulse and fewer who come with actionable ideas that will help you.”

– William Knight, founder of Industry Slice

“In a sea of masterclasses and social media gurus, I was lucky to find Josh through a women’s networking group I’m in.

I started following him, realized how good he was, and then started working with him one-on-one.

I learned how to create social media accounts that serve a purpose, reflect what I want and what I do, and grow at a consistent pace with followers that matter.

He’s selective in who he works with, but even if you can’t work with him I recommend following him on Twitter and subscribing to his newsletter – he gives so much away for free that’s helpful.

I’m so grateful to have had his help and whenever I post something now I ask myself, ‘Would this be Josh-approved?'”

Zarna Garg, comedian, producer, and screenwriter.

“Whatever stage in your creator journey, you’ve got challenges you need to overcome. For me, it was early on, when lacking clarity in my goals and target audience.

There’s so much to do and learn; information overload, leaving you spinning your wheels figuring out the direction you’re headed and areas to focus on.

‘I’ll figure it out eventually,’ you might think. Sure, but at what cost when time is money?

No doubt, Josh’s blog provides a wealth of information you won’t find elsewhere whilst his curated newsletters highlight the best from the rest.

However, booking a personal consulting call with him gave me the benefit of putting his years of experience, tools, and strategies to use to come up with a customized plan for me to act upon immediately.

The result was priceless and the nine specific ‘audience wants’ he helped me identify were brilliant. He knows his shit.

If you value your time and are seeking guidance to take you to the next step as a content creator, invest in yourself.

Meet with Josh.”

– Riv, A Measured Approach

“I almost didn’t book a 90-minute strategy call because Josh’s rate was expensive for a South African, but he delivered real value.

He helped me dig deep into my goal and audience which led to a clear path for which direction to take my newsletter.

The way he shifted my focus to ‘What does my audience need/want from me?’ has broadened my content ideas and been quite astounding.

Josh is an incredibly clear thinker and guided me quickly but thoroughly through his process. A clear path was revealed at the end of the call, as if by magic.

I was impressed by the depth of Josh’s understanding of my brand and his ability to articulate things using precise language.

Unlike many consultants, he doesn’t ask a question and then sit back – he’s engaged and involved in coming up with the answer with you.

His career track record and experience speaks for itself and in person he was friendly, but very professional.

I highly recommend booking a call with him.”

– Georgia Black, Littlegig founder

“I was stuck and ‘thrashing’ between topics to tweet about before doing a call with Josh.

Talking about marketing is easy, but putting it into practice is hard.

He helped me understand how the various parts of my work are connected, gave me clarity, and helped me get a coherent strategy of what’s important to me.”

Vineet Sinha

“In approaching Josh to work with him, I wasn’t sure I was ready for the process.

I needed a clear goal and content that was fit for molding, but learned from our first call that I was in a position to work forward.

Josh gave me a roadmap for how to become a successful creator and showed me how to reframe my content as contributions to my ideal audience for their purposes.

His knowledge of how to connect with others is intricate and immense. I recommend him unreservedly to work with anyone who is wanting and willing to benefit from what he knows.”

Katie Musgrave