860 thoughts on “Now THIS Is A Great Commercial

    • Chris Martin says:

      Life is never over….. it’s not over, til it’s over…. Just like that one man, I’ll see my beautiful bride again…

  1. LibertyChick says:

    Commercials aren’t that good because we don’t try to make them good anymore, just make them plentiful. Every commercial break these days is 4-5 minutes long with 7-10 commercials. I only record shows now so I can zip past them. They spend more and more money for shorter airtime and are seen less and less.

  2. Mark says:

    EXCELLENT Story. Bugger what life deals you, kick it’s but. Gather your friends get on a bike (or trike) and ride. ENJOY LIFE while you can, none of us are getting out of it alive. Have a good one.

  3. Lesley Levane says:

    Well its basically a great short film and who remembers the name of the bank? Indeed what does it have to do with a bank. All the comments are about the moral to live life to the full…also, for me, about long friendships and shared experience and mutual support. Really inspiring short film, rubbish advert as the last thing that film made me think about was the bank, other than taking all my money out and having a great time…no bank would make money on that basis….

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