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There’s only two reasons you could possibly be looking at my About page right now – either you came across my website and are wondering who the mastermind behind it is, or you already know me and you want to see what kind of obnoxious things I say about myself.

If you don’t already know who I am…

I’m a guy who spends his days running digital media and marketing for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (an organization you probably know as the one that puts on a little awards show called The Oscars) and his nights (some of them at least) helping funny people produce, promote, and profit from their creations through Connected Comedy.

If you do already know who I am…

Then you know this site exists because I spend too much time on the Internet and need to justify it somehow.



  • Did I ever get a chuckle out of your parking video.
    I don’t know how many times that has happened to me because if you go a little slower and be more cautious so as not to create an accident, you constantly get cut off and “out-parked”.
    Would love to have stood around and watched how the rude driver got out of that predicament.

  • I just discovered your site when a friend sent me a link.
    It is always a joy to find a site that has a wide variety of interesting posts, and yours certainly does. I will likely spend far too much time exploring it.

  • Hi Josh,

    Tried emailing you via the connectedcomedy address but kept getting an error message.
    Wanted to know if you’d be interested in these links, to be filed under “Serious” or “Inspiring” stuff:


    My mother was 98 years old and suffering from dementia when she died in May. During the last two years of her life, when meaningful conversation was no longer possible, I turned to improvisational creative play and art making to keep the connection between us alive. That work, which I call ElderSparks, continued in the hospital and hospice until her dying day. It has since become a new career path for me.

    The above links from my ElderSparks blog describe the time I spent with her in April and May. Many readers have told me how moved they were by what I wrote. Perhaps your subscribers would find it equally valuable.

    I’m a fairly new subscriber myself and love what you’re doing. Thanks for ferreting out such wonderful things on the web. It’s much appreciated.

    Alan Goldsmith

  • Hey- my name is Josh Spector and I live in LA. I think my wife Lauren dealt with you at fremantle media. Anyway great web site. I’ll promote it to my friends on wall street. Traders love to read these blogging web sites.

  • Hi Josh!
    You may remember me as a subscriber and the bits of correspondence now and then.
    I’d like to again thank you for your thoughts and efforts with Connected Comedy.
    This email, though, is about a new paradigm in music videos. I also am the owner and artist of Laser Show Dynamic™ which creates laser art videos of songs in a unique way.

    I developed a system in 1986 to allow one to actually SEE the music through the movement of a laser. (or more than one) It’s more compelling than the usual laser light shows because the root of it is an analog creation. (details of which patent pending process) No boring repetitive computer generated patterns that try to sync with the beat. You actually see the music. Very different. Very Zen. Very cool.

    I am now in communication with the management of one of the finest young blues guitarists in the world – Davy Knowles. He and his band Back Door Slam are amazing. I chose their song “Coming Up For Air” to be the first sold on iTunes and other venues by downloading and eventually Laser Show Dynamic™ DVD’s and Blurays.


    I am asking that you check out this screener version (with 2 fun ‘watermark’ plates, and only up to 720p) and listen with a great set of speakers or headphones. If you like it, please share it on your sites and get the word out. It’s beautiful, cool, and very re-watchable!
    What makes it special besides the unique artistry, is the business model. The bands/musicians whose music I chose to create videos for will not have to pay any production costs. They and their label get so much per download (at least as much or more than they already do for the audio single), iTunes gets their cut, and I get a modest per download cut. I don’t make money unless they do. And they risk nothing. This is a wonderful and innovative way to help musicians make a living in a difficult market.

    I also have more videos ‘in the can’ and more in production. As Laser Show Dynamic™ builds its catalog, it will introduce people to bands/musicians they might not already know. There are so many good things about all this and no downside. (Unless you count the immense amount of time, effort and expense I’ve gone to in creating this new genre/business model of music video. But I don’t count it as a downside. It’s a passion and a true labor of love that I envision being a new “thing” with promotional downloads at major festivals, fundraising possiblilities for other good causes besides the musicians, and an all – new way for music lovers to experience fine music.) Eventually I will also create a sub-genre of Laser Show Dynamic™ relaxation videos. More on that later. I’ve already taken up a ton of electrons already.

    Josh, Thanks for your time and consideration. If you do post this, encourage the viewers to use headphones/speakers and set the resolution as high as their system allows for the best experience.
    Sam Schott
    (LaserShowDynamic.com is under construction and will premier soon. My youtube channel for this is: http://www.youtube.com/user/LaserShowDynamic You may wish to use that link or the one I included above, here again for your convenience:

Josh Spector Consultant + Creator