Hey, I'm Josh. - Josh Spector

Hey, I’m Josh.

Not sure how you found your way here, but I’m glad you did.

Here’s what you should know about me…

Every Sunday I publish my For The Interested newsletter, which features ideas to help creators produce, promote, and profit from their creations.

25,000 people dig it.

Some want more help, so they hire me as a consultant.

I help them build their audience, develop social media strategies, grow their newsletter, build businesses around their creative work, or get more creative in their business.

But that’s not all I do.

I also:

Share what I learn on Twitter every day and can show you how to get followers on Twitter.

Run the Newsletter Creators Facebook group.

Am a Top Writer on Medium.

Created a course to help you grow your newsletter.

Created 80-Minute Social Media Mastery.

I know this sounds like a lot.

And it is.

This is how I do it.