40 One-Sentence Tips To Get More Twitter Followers

There are reasons why some people build huge Twitter followings and others just tweet into the void.

And it’s not as complicated as you may think.

Here are a collection of concepts to help you attract attention for your tweets, convert that attention into followers, and ultimately get more value out of the time you spend on Twitter.

1. Don’t use your bio to describe who you are — use it to describe the value people get from following you.

2. If you can’t clearly explain why someone should follow you, it’s unlikely anyone will.

3. A person you engage with is way more likely to follow you than one you don’t.

4. When you follow someone new consider why you did so and you’ll learn how to get others to follow you.

5. You can get a lot of Twitter followers from blog posts if you know how.

6. Message your new followers and ask them why they followed you — you’ll learn a lot.

7. The more you tweet, the more followers you’ll get…as long as you don’t tweet crap.

8. Twitter follower growth starts with Twitter follower retention.

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10. The more varied the topics you tweet about, the more difficult it is to get followers because the less likely each tweet is to be relevant to the same audience.

11. The more you share other people’s relevant tweets, the more likely they are to share yours and the more likely you are to reach new people.

12. Follower growth is a result of shares and shares come when you tweet things other people want to say.

13. Use Quote retweet instead of a regular retweet when sharing because that puts your comment and profile into people’s feeds instead of just the original tweet from someone else’s profile.

14. Your followers should get more value out of following you than you get out of them.

15. If your following isn’t growing, there’s a reason and that reason is probably your tweets.

16. The more DM conversations you have with people, the more people the Twitter algorithm will show your tweets to, which means the more opportunity you’ll have to get new followers. 

17. Your number of followers isn’t as important as the number of people who actually care what you have to say. 

18. You get followers by getting attention and you get attention by not doing what everyone else does.

19. Know who you want to follow you and what those people want.

20. Don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you, but don’t ask them without giving them a reason to say yes.

21. Every tweet is an audition.

22. The more consistent the message in your tweets, bio, pinned tweet, and header image, the more followers you’ll convert.

23. You shouldn’t want people to follow you solely because you followed them.

24. One amazing tweet can get you more new followers than the 1,000 tweets you posted before it.

25. But to find that one amazing tweet, you’re going to have to post 1,000.

26. Give people a reason to follow you at the end of a Twitter thread.

27. Even better, give people a reason to follow you in the middle of a Twitter thread.

28. Create a public Twitter list with a flattering name that features people you’d want to follow you — they’ll get notified you added them and check you out.

29. The more honest, open, vulnerable, and authentic you are, the more followers you’ll attract.

30. If you’ve got a newsletter, you’ve got the email addresses of a whole bunch of people who should follow you on Twitter, but probably don’t — invite them to do so.

31. Give people who follow you on other social platforms a reason to follow you on Twitter — don’t post the same content everywhere, let them know what they’re missing.

32. Publish advice about how to get more Twitter followers (like this one) and you’ll attract an audience of Twitter users who may want to follow you. 😉

33. Figure out what to tweet.

34. Build something awesome outside of Twitter — most people with big Twitter followings built them on the backs of success that had nothing to do with Twitter itself.

35. Bail on other social platforms — the less you use, the more time you have to spend on Twitter and the more followers you’ll attract.

36. Re-post a tweet that gets you followers today a month from now because if it worked once, it will work again.

37. Do cross-promotions with other Twitter accounts who have similar audiences to yours.

38. If a cross-promotion works, do it again a few months later.

39. You can get followers without publishing under your real name, but you won’t build meaningful relationships that way.

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