My 20 Most Popular Articles of 2020

Well, that was quite a year.

Chaos and pandemics aside, I managed to write at least an article a week this year, send out 52 issues of my For The Interested newsletter, launch and share 26 resources through This Is How I Do It, and even published The Secrets of Successful Creators.

I couldn’t have done it without the generous attention, support, and inspiration of my readers so THANK YOU for everything.

Here are the 20 most popular articles I wrote this year in reverse order for full dramatic countdown effect!

20. 40 One-Sentence Marketing Tips

“You don’t need a big budget, you need a big story.”

19. Five Ways To Identify Your Ideal Audience

“Your ideal audience aren’t the ONLY people who will consume or purchase what you make, they’re the ones MOST LIKELY to do so.”

18. The Four Actions I Took To Attract 72,000 Followers

“When you focus on a single platform you’re better able to connect with people there on a one-to-one basis and that’s ultimately how you grow your following as opposed to just broadcasting a bunch of stuff to the “masses” who most likely aren’t paying attention.”

17. Take Back Five Minutes Of Your Day With The Five-Minute Challenge

“Singular focus is hard at first, but doing it for even a little bit can be addictive (because it feels great).”

16. How To Be A More Consistent Creator

“Base your goals on output instead of outcome.”

15. 26 Ways To Get Twitter Followers And Write Better Tweets

“Give people a reason to like, share, or engage with your tweet even if they DON’T click through and read the article.”

14. The Time Management Tips Collection

“The idea that there’s not enough time in the day is a lie.”

13. 40 One-Sentence Social Media Tips

“Fill in the blanks of this statement and let it guide your social media strategy: I help [TARGET AUDIENCE] solve [PROBLEM/CHALLENGE] by sharing [INFO/SOLUTIONS] with them on social media.”

12. Don’t Think Outside The Box. Create The Box.

“You’re more likely to struggle when asked to draw something than when asked to draw something specific.”

11. 40 One-Sentence Newsletter Tips

“A newsletter for everyone will be ignored by everyone.”

10. How To Identify Your 12 Hidden Skills

“Every skill you have is a compilation of other skills.”

9. How To Use A “No” Template To Make It Easier To Say No

“The easier it is to say no, the more likely you are to do so.”

8. The Email Tips Collection

“A collection of links to articles that will help you figure out how to write better emails, manage your emails and inbox, and use email as a sales and networking tool.”

7. Most Paid Newsletters Fail Because They Offer More Instead Of Different

“Rather than charge for extra issues or bonus content, create a newsletter that offers a different take on a complementary/related subject that your free subscribers will want to access.”

6. 39 Creativity Newsletters

“The newsletters I most often recommend if you’re looking to learn how to grow your audience and career.”

5. The Newsletter Tips Collection

“A collection of links to newsletter tips you’ll find helpful as you launch, grow, and monetize your newsletter.”

4. What To Tweet: 21 Unique And Useful Twitter Post Ideas

“No matter who your target audience is, they’ll appreciate — and share — a great piece of advice about how to save time, effort, or money.”

3. The Twitter Tips Collection

“A collection of links to Twitter tips to help you figure out what to tweet, get more followers, and get more value out of the platform.”

2. 40 One-Sentence Communication Tips

“Honesty is a communication hack because people so rarely hear it.”

1. 40 One-Sentence Writing Tips

“Eliminate 20% of the words you wrote to make your draft 100% better.”

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