This Is How I Do It

A weekly email for people who want to accomplish what I've accomplished.

Let’s not pretend.

This page exists for people who have consumed my creations for a bit, dig my approach, and aspire to accomplish similar goals.

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If you’re not sure if this is for you, let me tell you a bit more about it.

Before I get to all the ways this can help you, let me take a step back to explain how it came about…

I do a lot of things.

• I’m a newsletter creator who publishes the For The Interested newsletter every Sunday to 25,000 subscribers and has for four years and counting.

• I’m an independent consultant who earns six-figures advising 20+ clients a year on audience growth, marketing, social media, and newsletters

• I’m a writer who publishes 50+ blog posts a year that reach more than 1 million people and am a Medium Top Writer on the topics of social media, creativity, productivity, and writing.

• I’m an active Twitter user with 10,000+ followers and 300,000+ impressions for my tweets each month.

• I run the Newsletter Creators Facebook group which contains a community of 2,000+ creators from all over the world connecting and sharing advice about how to grow a successful newsletter.

• I create and sell information products including the Newsletter Accelerator course and Grow Your Audience.

To do these things, I had to get good at a lot of other things.

Idea generation.


Social media.






Time management.

Learning how I do these things will help you accomplish similar things.

That’s why I created THIS IS HOW I DO IT.

Each weekly email features a deep, behind-the-scenes breakdown of how I do one thing.

For example, here’s a sample issue about how I decide which projects to pursue.

Other previous issues have included:

  • How I use blog posts to get clients
  • How I decide what to include in my newsletter
  • How I outline a blog post
  • How I engage with new newsletter subscribers
  • How I built a 2,600+ member Facebook group and what I get out of it
  • How I use email to communicate ideas and feedback
  • How I created a tweet thread that reached 50,000 people
  • How I use Twitter lists
  • How I get things done each day
  • How I created and sold an ebook

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 I have no interest in taking money from anyone who doesn’t feel they got value in return.

You literally have nothing to lose.

Let’s do some cool stuff together.

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