The Most Popular Content I Created In 2023

It’s been a great year and I appreciate the interest you’ve shown in my creations this year.

And ESPECIALLY all the sharing of them you’ve done this year.

Here’s what resonated most this year…

My Most Popular Blog Posts

1. How Justin Welsh Actually Uses LinkedIn Right Now

2. A Month In A Day

3. Readers, Not Subscribers

4. 6 Key Lessons From The Home Pages Of Smart Creative Entrepreneurs

5. Is It Worth It?

My Most Popular Tweets


Because Twitter is a mess these days and their analytics are too, these might not actually be my most popular, but they were among the most popular.

Also, some of these are threads which you’ll only be able to see if you’re logged into Twitter.

Again, because Twitter is a mess – keep up the good work, Elon!

1. If I had to launch a Twitter account from scratch…

2. A simple way to build a content library

3. Building in public is a trap

4. The 10 most valuable changes I’ve made to my newsletter

5. So many people think they’re trying, but…

My Most Popular Podcast Episodes


These are links to the audio episodes, but each one can also be found on my YouTube channel if you prefer to watch them.

1. How To Get Unstuck In Your Creative Business

2. The Most Valuable Advice I’ve Given To Creative Entrepreneurs

3. How I Built My Creative Entrepreneur Business

4. How To Build A Thriving Business Around Your Expertise

5. How To Get (And Retain) More Newsletter Subscribers

My Most Popular Videos


There was some overlap between my most popular YouTube videos and podcast episodes so this list is the most popular videos not counting the ones mentioned above in the podcast section.

1. The Client Generator: 9 Word Email

2. A Pro Copywriter Reveals Her Clever Call To Action Strategy

3. Audience Growth Tips For Authors

4. How To Make The Most Out Of Your Side Hustle

5. How To Choose A Niche That’s Not Too Big (Or Too Small)

My Most Popular Skill Sessions


You can get ALL of these and more if you become a Skill Sessions member.

1. The Sessions System

2. The Newsletter Social Playbook

3. The Coaching Kit

4. The Solopreneur Simplifier

5. The Content Maximizer