So You Say You Want A Resolution?

Looking for a New Year’s resolution?

Try one of these.

Or better yet, try all of them.

1. Resolve to stop talking about what you want to do and only talk about what you’ve done.

2. Resolve to spend more time connecting with your existing audience than chasing a new one.

3. Resolve to say no to anything that isn’t a “hell yeah!”

(Credit to Derek Sivers for that one.)

4. Resolve to stop optimizing for algorithms and start optimizing for yourself.

5. Resolve to stop doing more things than you start.

6. Resolve to stop comparing yourself to others and only compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

7. Resolve to stop using the word “should.”

8. Resolve to use fear as a compass

(Credit to Seth Godin for that one.)

9. Resolve to take one more pass at reducing or simplifying anything you think is done before you unveil it to the world.

10. Resolve to offer more solutions than complaints.

11. Resolve to be in a place at this time next year where one of the above no longer needs to be a resolution for you to do it.

Good luck.