6 Key Lessons From The Home Pages Of Smart Creative Entrepreneurs

I studied the home pages of 10 smart creative entrepreneurs.

They have a LOT in common.

Here are 6 approaches you can borrow from them for your own site…

1. They prioritize email signups.

Most have a signup form prominently displayed on the home page.

Their top priority is to get someone to join their list.

And their copy gives a clear reason to do so.


2. They feature curated content on their home page.

Smart creative entrepreneurs know their most impactful content…

And drive people to it.

Check out how James Clear and Wes Kao feature popular posts on their home pages.

And how Amy Porterfield features select episodes of her podcast.

3. They state who they help and how they help them.

Your home page isn’t about you — it’s about your target audience…

And the transformation you help them make.

Look at the clarity of copy from Hillary Weiss, Jay Clouse, and Kaleigh Moore.

4. They don’t necessarily have a photo of themselves on the home page.

You might assume people need to see you in order to feel connected to you. But that’s not necessarily true. There’s no photo of James Clear on his home page.

Or on Katelyn Bourgoin.

Or on mine.

5. They ALL include social proof.

Ross Simmonds lists publications that featured him and testimonials from Rand Fishkin and Joanna Wiebe.

Kaleigh Moore references her clients.

Justin Welsh references that 125K people subscribe to his newsletter.

These are ways to stand out.


6. They have a “key statement” that reflects a key belief of their work and approach.

Roberto Blake emphasizes discipline.

Hillary Weiss emphasizes big ideas.

Ross Simmonds emphasizes that content shapes culture.

Katelyn Bourgoin emphasizes that too much marketing effort is wasted.

These examples are the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve learned about how smart creative entrepreneurs operate.

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