The 8 People You Should Give Your Book To For Free

The value of writing a book isn’t just in selling it.

It’s in giving it away.

Here are 8 groups of people worth giving your book to for free:

1. Potential clients

Anyone considering hiring you should get a copy of your book.

If it resonates, they’ll be more likely to hire you and pay you more.

If it doesn’t, they won’t hire you and you’ll avoid what would be a bad fit client.

2. Previous clients

Not only is this a nice thing to do, but the people you’ve helped before are likely to know others you’d be able to help too.

Send them two books and tell them to gift one to someone they know who will find it helpful.

3. Thought leaders with an audience you want to reach

The easiest way to grow your audience is to “borrow” other people’s audiences.

Find someone who has a following likely to find your book valuable and do whatever you can to get it in their hands.

Note: An audience doesn’t mean a million followers.

A 20-person email list is perfect if those 20 people are the ones your book is designed to help.

4. Podcast hosts

You can pitch yourself to appear on a relevant show, or just send the host a copy of the book because you think they’ll find it valuable.

If they do, they’re going to want to have you on the show.

5. Journalists

Not just book reviewers.

If you write a book about HR executives, go find a journalist who covers the HR industry and send them the book.

It might get you some coverage or they might use you as an expert for a quote in a future article.

6. Professors

Or really anyone who has the attention of a group of people who want to learn the thing your book is about.

They just might spread the word to their students or invite you to speak to them.

Speaking of which…

7. Coaches and Consultants

The ones who work in your area of expertise.

You know what they have?

Conversations with your ideal audience every single day.

I always recommend books to clients and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does so.

Maybe they’ll recommend yours?

8. Everyone you mention in the book

You know who wants your book to be a hit almost as much as you do?

The people you wrote about in it and made look good.

Make it as easy as possible for them to spread the word to others.

For a deeper dive into how to use a book to grow your business, listen to this episode of my podcast.

Or, watch it below: