The One Question To Answer To Get More Twitter Followers

You don’t need a Twitter “hack” to grow your following.

You need a clear answer to a single question:

Why should someone follow you?

That question seems simple, but I bet you struggle to answer it because most people do.

You can tweet for any reason you want: To express yourself, because it’s a fun (and addictive) hobby, for the validation of likes and retweets, to make your voice heard, to test ideas, or to promote your work.

But you won’t get traction until you can explain why someone should follow you.

How To Answer The Question

The answer is the same for everyone…and completely unique to you.

Let’s start with the universal answer.

People should follow you because you provide value.

With the exception of your friends and family (maybe), no one will ever invite you into their feed unless they’re going to get value in return.

That’s a universal truth and if your tweets don’t provide value of some sort — even if it’s just entertainment value — you’ll never attract followers.

With that universal answer in mind, let’s dive into the unique answer that’s the real key to unlocking follower growth.

The answer to why people should follow you requires you to make two decisions:

  1. What specific value will you provide?
  2. Who seeks that value?

If you can’t answer those questions, you can’t define why someone should follow you, and as a result few people will.

Here’s how I answer those questions for my Twitter account:

The specific value I provide is information to help people better produce, promote, and profit from their creations.

And the people who seek that value are creators.

That clear answer to the “Why should someone follow me” question guides everything I do on Twitter and is the single biggest reason I’ve been able to attract about 13,000 followers.

But figuring out your answer to the question is only half the battle — you’ve then got to live up to it.

(Btw, that answer also drives the success of For The Interested and This Is How I Do It.)

How To Communicate Your Answer

Your Twitter following won’t grow if you don’t communicate the reason people should follow you to anyone who comes across your account.

So the next step is to review your Twitter account with your answer to the question in mind:

  1. Does your Twitter bio and pinned tweet communicate why someone should follow you? Not just who you are, but the value they’ll get from following you?
  2. Do 90% (or more) of your tweets reflect the reason a person should follow you?

The answers to these questions need to be yes to grow your following. 

If your account doesn’t reflect the reason people should follow you, they’re not going to follow you.

When you look at your account through this lens, you’ll likely realize a lot of what you’re currently doing on Twitter is actually holding you back.

Those viral videos you shared may be amazing, but unless the reason for people to follow you is to get viral videos, they’re not helping you grow your audience.

That political rant you went on? 

Good for you, but not good for getting you followers unless the reason people should follow you is for political commentary.

Your bio with all the emojis and the sarcastic comment? 

That doesn’t promise value to a potential follower which is why people giggle at it and move on without following you when they see it.

There’s no one way you “must” use Twitter — do whatever you want.

But recognize if you choose to tweet random stuff, use it to entertain yourself, or just vent your frustration, you’re going to struggle to grow your following.

You can get lots of people to follow you on Twitter…but only if you give them a specific reason to do so.

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