Twitter Replies Challenge: Triple Your Reach In 30 Days

Twitter Replies Challenge: Triple Your Reach In 30 Days

The Twitter Replies Challenge is a simple, free way to increase the number of people who discover you and your tweets in 30 days.

All you have to do is tweet one reply a day to someone on Twitter for a month, using the prompts I share in the calendar below.

How much will Twitter replies grow your reach?

It depends, but if you’re the kind of person who typically tweets once a day on average and you now add one reply a day to the mix, I’m confident this will at least triple the number of tweet impressions you generate over the course of the month.

And it likely will get you a LOT more.

Before you dive into the challenge, I recommend you read my take on how to get followers on Twitter.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Do The Twitter Replies Challenge

1. Make your tweet replies as valuable as possible. 

Post replies that will make people curious to check out your profile — don’t just reply with something like “Great tweet!”

The prompts are designed to help you do this.

2. Reply to people whose audiences are likely to be interested in what you tweet about.

Don’t just reply to random celebrities or people ranting about politics (unless your industry is celebrities or politics). 

The goal here is to get yourself in front of the kind of people who will ultimately get value from your tweets so aim for relevance.

3. Use these Twitter reply prompts in whatever order you want.

Aside from the first and last day, the order of the Twitter replies prompts doesn’t really matter.

Feel free to jump around or follow them in the order I laid out — as long as you hit all 30 over the course of the month you should get the results you want.

Your Challenge Calendar

Day 1: Reply to this tweet and let me know you’re doing the challenge.

If you do, I’ll keep an eye on your progress and give you some feedback/suggestions along the way.

Day 2: Reply to someone’s tweet and ask them a question.

Make your question relevant to the tweet you reply to.

Day 3: Reply to someone’s pinned tweet.

That tweet gets seen by people every day — this is your chance for those people to also see you.

(By the way, you also may want to check out my pinned tweets recommendations for to improve your own pinned tweet.)

Day 4: Reply with a recommendation of someone else (or multiple people) who tweet smart things about a particular topic.

Tag the people you recommend.

Day 5: Reply with a link to a piece of relevant content or a previous tweet you’ve posted.

A great way to resurface blog posts, videos, or tweet threads you’ve previously created.

Day 6: Reply with a relevant story from your personal experience.

The more vulnerable the better.

Day 7: Reply with a relevant book recommendation.

Tag the author whose book you mention. 

Day 8: Reply to a tweet from someone who recently liked or shared one of your tweets.

Reward their engagement with your engagement.

Day 9: Reply to a tweet from someone who followed you recently.

This is a chance to strengthen their connection to you right from the start.

Day 10: Reply to a tweet that was posted in the last 15 minutes.

The sooner you post a reply, the more people are likely to see it in their feeds.

Day 11: Reply to one of your own most successful tweets and add something valuable to it.

This is a clever way to use Twitter replies to push your own tweets back into people’s feeds again.

Day 12: Reply to someone you learned something from and tell them how you implemented their advice.

You can also reply and tell them you’re planning to do it, if you haven’t done it yet.

Day 13: Reply to a relevant news story from a large publication (ideally in your industry).

The more the publication’s audience matches your specific niche, the more powerful this will be.

Day 14: Reply with a link to a relevant YouTube video.

Tag the person who created the video and/or where you found it.

Day 15: Reply to a new tweet from someone you’ve already replied to before.

Relationships build over multiple interactions.

Day 16: Reply to someone’s reply on one of your tweets.

Always reward the things you want to happen more often.

Day 17: Reply to a tweet from someone you don’t follow who tweeted using a relevant hashtag.

The goal is to meet and connect with new people who share your interests — this is an easy way to find them.

Day 18: Reply to someone who consistently shares value and thank them for doing so.

Everyone likes to be appreciated.

Day 19: Reply to someone who shared an accomplishment and congratulate them on it.

If you root for them, they’ll root for you.

Day 20: Reply to someone who tweeted about a current trending topic.

This is an opportunity to ride the coattails of a “viral” tweet to a lot of exposure.

Day 21: Reply to one of your most successful tweet threads and add something to it.

If you don’t use threads, just reply to a previously successful individual tweet.

Day 22: Reply to a tweet from the creator of a book, blog, podcast, or newsletter that you love.

You may be surprised to see how often they’ll reply…no matter how large their audience may be.

Day 23: Reply to a tweet from someone you just followed and tell them why you decided to follow them.

They may not follow you back, but they’ll definitely at least check out your profile after this.

Day 24: Reply to someone you work with (a co-worker, client, etc.).

You likely have shared interests which means their audience is likely to be interested in what you have to say as well.

Day 25: Reply with a relevant podcast episode recommendation.

Tag the creator of the podcast and anyone who appears in the episode.

Day 26: Reply to someone who shared an article you found interesting.

Do a Twitter search for the URL to see tweets from other people who have shared it that you can reply to.

Day 27: Reply to someone you’d like to work or collaborate with.

You don’t need to pitch them — just reply and engage with them.

Day 28: Reply to someone else’s reply.

If they replied to someone else, they’re the kind of person likely to reply back to you.

Day 29: Reply to your own pinned tweet.

This is an easy way to drive more attention to that tweet. And if you don’t have a pinned tweet yet? Create one.

Day 30: Reply again to my original tweet to share the results you got and lessons learned from doing this challenge.

I can’t wait to see how it’s helped you!