Pinned Tweets: 23 Clever Examples

Pinned Tweets: 23 Clever Examples

Pinned tweets can be the difference between whether someone follows you on Twitter or not.

But how do you create a great one?

Following are some examples of pinned tweets you can use to improve your profile and convince people who check out your profile to follow you.

Here are 23 pinned tweet ideas to inspire you…

What Is A Pinned Tweet?

If you already know what pinned tweets are, feel free to skip ahead to the pinned tweet examples below.

But if you don’t know, here’s a quick explanation:

A pinned tweet is simply a tweet you choose to keep featured at the top of your Twitter profile.

It can be any tweet you’ve ever posted and you can change your pinned tweet whenever you want, but you can only select one tweet at a time to be your pinned tweet.

To pin a tweet to your profile, just click the three dots in the top right corner of any one of your tweets and then choose “Pin to your profile.”

23 Pinned Tweets To Inspire You

1. James Clear’s pinned tweet

Not only is his pinned tweet clever, it’s also a format you could get away with updating only once a year.

Set it and forget it…for 365 days at least.

2. Christina Garnett’s pinned tweet

Check out the engagement on this one – amazing.

And not surprising because it creates an opportunity for a community to not only connect with her, but with each other.

Brilliant use of a pinned tweet to create a resource.

3. Josh Spector’s pinned tweet

A personal favorite.

My pinned tweet promotes my Newsletter Accelerator course, but rather than just link to the course I provide actionable value to people in a thread.

4. Kaleigh Moore’s pinned tweet

I’ve used this pinned tweet template before and it works great.

Seems odd, but people are more likely to DM you their email address than click a link to sign up for your newsletter.

5. Sahil Bloom’s pinned tweet

This one features a thread of threads which is not only a great way to introduce people to you, but also a way to drive attention to older threads and re-ignite them.

Plus, every time you add a thread to it, it drives more attention.

6. David Perell’s pinned tweet

This one is another good example of the thread of threads approach.

I also like that he leads with what he teaches which is a clear value prop to potential followers.

7. Melinda Livsey’s pinned tweet

Who says pinned tweets have to be about you?

This one’s a great example of how you can use your pinned tweet to share value by sharing a curated collection of book recommendations.

8. Eddie Shleyner’s pinned tweet

This one’s another good example of a curated pinned tweet.

But Eddie expands beyond just books to share an assortment of resources and does it in a thread instead of a link.

9. Polina Marinova’s pinned tweet

Ok, maybe you can’t share an endorsement of your newsletter from The Rock in your pinned tweet like Polina does.

But the idea of using an endorsement is a good one.

(Even an endorsement from your Mom would at least be amusing!)

10. Alex Lieberman’s pinned tweet

This is another great example of a community-based tweet.

The invitation to people proved so popular, he followed up with a tweet that said, “Well this went from a learning group to a learning city.”

11. Aprilynne Alter’s pinned tweet

You don’t have to be a billionaire to have a pinned tweet people will connect with.

Aprilynne uses hers to celebrate her first dollar and invite people to follow along with her journey.

12. Shaan Puri’s pinned tweet

I love that Shaan’s pinned tweet is the kind of thing sure to prompt conversations and also that it’s a broad framework for a thread he can regularly add to and increase its value over time.

Plus, it gives you a sense of what he believes.

13. Hillary Weiss Presswood’s pinned tweet

It never hurts to offer people some free value in your pinned tweet like Hillary does in hers.

14. Ryan Deiss’s pinned tweet

If you’ve got expertise in a field like Ryan Deiss does in marketing, your pinned tweet is a great place to share it.

Here’s a simple format to do so:

15. Tina Roth Eisenberg’s pinned tweet

Sometimes a great pinned tweet is as simple as asking a compelling question.

Like the one Tina asks here:

16. Alex Lull’s pinned tweet

Besides being eye-catching, this one’s really clever.

It invites people to follow Alex’s journey AND shares information that will appeal to just about everyone on Twitter since everyone wants more followers.

17. Wes Kao’s pinned tweet

This one manages to do a bunch of things: It establishes Wes’s credibility, plugs her latest project, and invites people to participate.

18. Jack Appleby’s pinned tweet

This one is jam-packed with value.

Who doesn’t love a good case study about their niche?

(It also establishes Jack’s credibility as an expert in the space.)

19. Julia Saxena’s pinned tweet

If you’re going to write atomic essays (or blog posts for that matter), why not showcase them in your pinned tweet like Julia does?

20. Nicolas Cole’s pinned tweet

It’s one thing to tell people who you are and what you do in your pinned tweet. It’s another to actually tell your story.

Smart approach from Nicolas.

21. Indie Hackers’ pinned tweet

Everyone wants more attention so if you’ve got the ability to spread their thoughts to a larger audience, why not use your pinned tweet to tell them you’re willing to do that?

That’s what Indie Hackers does here.

22. Arvid Kahl’s pinned tweet

If you’ve got a book or some other thing to promote, it’s a good idea to do so in your pinned tweet.

It’s an even better idea to incorporate a video into that tweet like Arvid does in this one.

23. Khe Hy’s pinned tweet

I love Khe’s brilliant concept of doing $10k/hour work which is a foundational element of his work.

I also love that he uses his pinned tweet to introduce that core concept to people.

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