How To Get Comfortable Promoting Your Creations

How To Get Comfortable Promoting Your Creations

Promotion is a key component of the creative process.

Let me rephrase that: Promotion is a key component of a successful creative process.

And yet, most creators struggle with self-promotion and it holds them back.

You probably avoid it because you worry you’ll be perceived as selfish, obnoxious, or pretentious.

But here’s a question that can change your perspective.

Do you believe your creation provides value to people?

This question is the key to overcoming your hesitancy to promote your work because it unlocks a mindset that makes promotion much easier.

If you don’t believe your creation provides value to people, there are two potential reasons why:

  1. You’re too insecure to recognize the value you create.
  2. Your work doesn’t provide value to people and deep down you know it.

I can’t know which is true for you, but you need to figure it out and get comfortable with the truth of your answer.

If you can’t assess it yourself, ask some people in your target audience if they find your creation valuable.

Ask people who will be honest with you — words of encouragement from your Mom or best friend will not help you here. You need true feedback.

If you decide your creation doesn’t provide value, forget about promoting it and get back to work on making something that does.

The rest of this article isn’t for you.


If you determine your creation does provide value, it’s time to unleash the magic self-promotion mindset shift.

Pay close attention to this next few sentences:

If you make something that provides value to people, you should want as many people as possible to benefit from it.

For that to happen, they have to know it exists.

And telling them it exists is a way to HELP them — not just a way for them to help you.

Promotion of something valuable is a generous act, not a selfish one.

Let that seep in.

As great as it may sound, it can still feel selfish or uncomfortable to promote your work.

If you still struggle to promote it’s either because you haven’t fully convinced yourself your work provides value or you’re promoting it to the wrong audience.

Your friend who has no interest in painting probably won’t find your painting course valuable — no wonder you feel awkward promoting it.

So don’t promote it to her!

Create spaces where you can attract and connect to your specific target audience and promote there instead.

For example, a newsletter where you share tips about how to paint is ONLY going to attract people who want to learn to paint.

Those people will be excited to hear about your course because it offers the exact value they’re looking for and in turn you’ll be less hesitant to promote it — and more likely to get the results you seek.

There are infinite ways to promote your work, but your willingness and comfort to employ them will always boil down to these three key points:

Make something valuable.

Promote it to people who seek that value.

Remember that doing so is a generous act and not a selfish one.

That’s how you get comfortable with self-promotion.

Speaking of which…

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See what I did there? 😉