40 One-Sentence Blogging Tips

40 One-Sentence Blogging Tips

Writing a blog can change your life.

Here are a collection of concepts to help you figure out how to write blog posts that attract readers, create opportunities, and help you accomplish your goals.

1. Writing a blog creates value for you even if no one reads it.

2. If what you write about is only relevant today, you only have today to get value out of it.

3. No one is looking for a blog post to read, but everyone is looking for a solution to a problem.

4. Blog about whatever you want, but know that successful blogs are about what an audience wants.

5. Delete the first and last paragraphs of your blog post draft and most likely it will make it better.

6. The ability to reach the world with a blog is an opportunity generations of people would have killed to have.

7. Your 50th blog post will be better than your first.

8. Write for readers, not search engines.

9. Decide what you want someone to do after they read your post and ask them to do it.

10. Blogging regularly makes you a stronger writer, thinker, and executor.

(Btw, so does reading For The Interested.)

11. A great blog post without a great headline isn’t a great blog post.

12. Paying attention to the response you get to today’s post will make tomorrow’s post better.

13. An easy way to write tweets is to write a blog post and repurpose individual sentences from it.

14. Blog about what you believe and what you don’t.

15. You don’t have to have all the answers to blog, you just have to have an interesting question.

16. White space is a blogger’s best friend.

17. Topics make blog posts valuable, but voice makes them interesting.

18. Publishing a blog post is a generous act.

19. Tinkering with your blog’s tech stack or design is a way to avoid what matters: Writing.

20. A blog will help you create, clarify, capture, and communicate your ideas.

21. A blog can be as simple as a newsletter you publish on a website and a newsletter can be as simple as a blog you send to someone’s inbox.

22. The post you publish tomorrow may change your life, but there’s only one way to find out.

23. You’ve already written 100 blog posts in your mind — you just haven’t typed them up and hit publish yet.

24. The more nervous you are to hit publish, the more likely your post is to succeed.

25. If you want to feel simultaneously smarter and dumber than you think you are, go read your old blog posts.

26. No one who blogs regularly ever regrets doing so.

27. You’re more interesting than you think, your experiences are more universal than you think, and your words are more powerful than you think.

28. Your blog is a collection of answers to questions people (including you) will ask you in the future.

29. A blog post doesn’t need to be long to be effective.

30. The best bloggers are the most honest bloggers.

31. If you’re not sure what to write about, write about that.

32. End every blog post with a call to action.

33. Mention your newsletter or email list in one of the first few paragraphs of every blog post — that will get you more subscribers than just a form at the bottom of the page.

34. Style > grammar.

35. Every blog post you publish is a stock you’ve added to your portfolio and it only cost you the time it took to write it.

36. Find a way to say what you want in a story.

37. Remind yourself of the reason you chose to blog before you write each post.

38. Start posts with a short, surprising sentence and the rest is easy.

39. The easiest way to get more value out of a blog post? Share it more often.

40. Write the blog you’d like to read.

Here’s how to write your most successful blog post ever.