How To Get Coaching Clients: 5 Creative Strategies

How To Get Coaching Clients

Let’s get you a coaching client.

Use the following strategies to increase interest, opportunities, and revenue from your coaching services by repackaging and presenting them in creative ways.

1. Sell a result, not coaching.

Coaching is a tactic, but people buy results — not tactics.

So sell them a result.

Rather than promote the details about how your coaching works (X number of calls with Y deliverables, etc.), instead pitch a guaranteed result clients want.

For example, let’s say you’re an email list growth coach.

Rather than try to convince people to book coaching sessions with you, offer them a guaranteed 100 new subscribers or 10% list growth.

Pitching the result will make them more likely to purchase.

2. Do micro-coaching on social media.

Don’t hide your expertise, showcase it.

One of the most effective ways I attract Creator Clarity Call clients is by doing micro-coaching on Twitter.

I offer free advice about a specific challenge people have on my Twitter account and give a suggestion to anyone who replies.

A couple examples:

Posts like these drive engagement, reach lots of people, showcase your expertise, and start conversations with people who often become clients.

3. Offer a partner accountability package to coaching clients.

Invite potential clients to have a friend to join them for your coaching calls.

If they choose to do so, they can save money, have that person keep them accountable, and make the whole process more fun.

Adjust your price accordingly.

For example, if you charge $400 to coach an individual, you can drop your rate to $300 per person if two people sign up together.

In that scenario, each client would get a $100 discount off your individual rate and you’d earn $200 more for the same time commitment (assuming they do the calls together).

This makes your price more appealing, turns potential clients into promoters of your coaching, helps them get better results, and earns you more for your time.

Win. Win. Win. Win.

4. Offer a free first call, but raise your price to make up for it.

The main thing that prevents people from hiring you is their uncertainty of the value of your coaching.

To remove that, offer the first call for free.

But simultaneously raise your price for future calls to make up for the “free” one you did up front.

For example:

If you currently charge $400 for four calls ($100 per call), instead offer a free initial call followed by $450 for three more calls ($150 per call).

Not only will you book more clients by removing the uncertainty, you’ll also make more money.

Note: If you offer a free first call, vet the prospective client to make sure it’s someone who can afford to pay for more assuming it goes well. 

Don’t waste your time on people who will never buy.

5. Unbundle your coaching services.

Your coaching probably covers everything from mindset, to problem identification, to strategy and tactics.

But it doesn’t have to.

Unbundle and offer some elements as standalone coaching services tailored to micro-objectives.

For example:

A sales coach can offer lead generation strategy and pitching/closing advice as separate offerings.

A speaking coach can offer speech writing, speech delivering, and gig booking as separate offerings.

Unbundling your coaching allows you to create lower price point offerings and increase the perceived value of your bundled package — which help you attract more clients and money.

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