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  • I wish there were more positive, helpful, people like Josh Spector around DAILY. It would B cool 2 have U living NEXT DOOR. For now Ill settle for looking forward to your regular emails.

    • U r rite !!!!! I completely agree with you. It is incredible that a person can come with 10 interesting ideas such as Josh has, on a weekly basis

  • Life is Precious Live Well. Every Life needs the possibility of Expression. “Ignorance is Bliss”….Until it starts to Hurt. Be Creative, Be Relevant, Be Real. Never give up. “Live each day as if it will be your last; Learn each day as if you will live Forever”. Life is Good.

  • I am looking forward to yet another way to fail. If this helps me, you will be a miracle worker. I am a kindergarten teacher who wants change but has no will power or energy to begin. I have no time to waste but I waste it all the time. Like now I should be doing my taxes where I am due about 4000k as a refund. Did I mention my bank account showed a balance of zero just last week. I am a mess.

    • Read The Slight Edge….i am a procrastinator and easily distracted. This is the best book ive read on how to improve on anything in your life….a little each day…

    • To put it like that is scary (I mean about looking forward to
      yet another way to fail)
      I think it would be best for you to write a list of TO DO things, then rank them by priorities, and then try to execute them

  • I want those emails! You’ve been really helpfull on making me decide I wanted to start a career in comedy.
    Thanks for that bro!

  • As a writer, a translator and a digital marketer, this is the useful newsletter I’ve been looking for so long. Keep up the good work.

  • You are so correct! Of course Strunk and White say same things, as well as a little out-of-print booklet called “How to Take the Fog out of Writing.” I took all their wisdom straight into my brain. Thank goodness that has stuck, unlike all the other stuff I am supposed to remember.

  • Thanks a lot for sending me such positive e.mails because I do need your useful ideas in which I feel more encouraged to realise my project that I am dealing with at the moment with my team. However, the procedure is taking much time to achieve our goal, I mean the administrative papers and so on!!!so it not easy at all, but I want to go further to be OK

  • Ichi-go Ichi-e, which loosely translates as “one encounter, one opportunity.” Since we only get one chance to make a first impression, we should take whatever steps are necessary to ensure we make a good impression during our first encounter.
    It’s also important to remember those we with whom we come into contact have the same Ichi-go Ichi-e.

  • Very nice.
    I wrote a basic program in the 90s…The Idea Generator…
    It randomly stuck two words together.
    Thought it would spark an idea per page…turns out, about every 5th or 6th word combo was a good idea!…

    Bob Mechling…rsvp…

  • I’d love to see you interview Leslie Morgan Steiner for your A Person You Should Know series. She did a TED talk about her domestic violence experience and how she overcame it to survive and thrive; it’s such an inspirational story of resilience.

  • I’m looking forward to the “valuable ideas” you’ll be sharing with me and others in the future. Will your ideas range from A to Z or ?? I’m a confirmed logophile and philologist plus a dedicated follower of philosophies such as: “Commit yourself to life-long learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind, and what you put into it.”~Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker.

Josh Spector Consultant + Creator