The Most Valuable Resources I Shared In December 2023

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Here’s What I Would Do…

In my podcast this week you can see exactly how I would improve someone’s sales page and newsletter signup page (plus, I also share a hugely important “hidden” feature for Medium publishers).

Watch here or listen here.

​Do You Know Where Your Time Goes?

Here’s an excellent way to find out (and a tool that can help you do so).

Best of the Month

Miss any of the valuable stuff I shared last month?

Want to have it all on one page for easy reference?

Here you go.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About These

I watched two videos from successful creators that are so open, vulnerable, and honest that I can’t stop thinking about them.

Watch Khe Hy try to work through his deep-seeded issues with money, likes and a “scorecard.”

Watch Ali Abdaal explain how he came to the decision it’s time to shift his approach to creative work.

Go Ask Your Audience

Have you asked your audience how you can help them recently?

This will make you want to do so right now.

Repeat After Me…

Never optimize for something you don’t want to do.

The Cure For a Leaky Funnel

Ever wonder if you should turn your service business into a product business?

Or if you get as many conversions on your offers as you should?

Feel like your funnel is leaky, but have no idea how to find the holes and patch them up?

Find out in this new episode of my podcast.

Or you can listen to the audio version here.

More Barriers and Fewer Bribes

The conventional wisdom is you should make it as easy as possible for people to take the action you want them to take.


Maybe that’s wrong?

(Note: The product offered in the above email is no longer available, but it’s not the point anyway – it’s worth reading for the point about barriers and bribes.)

An Insanely Simple Writing Prompt

If you want to develop a simple daily writing habit…

Grab a notebook and do this.

6 Tests

Sales funnel not working as well as you’d like?

Try these six experiments.

100 Simple Truths

These will make you think.

(For some reason I can’t seem to access them on my phone, so you might have to read them on a desktop computer.)

Just Get Started

Imagine what I’d say if interviewed on a show called Just Get Started.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it.

You can watch it. (Or listen to it.)

My Shortcomings

This seems like an interesting exercise to try.

(via Chicken Shed Chronicles)

Keep Your Goals to Yourself

I’m sure you’re excited about your goals for the upcoming year, but…

Maybe you should keep them to yourself?

How to Get More TRUE Fans

Just do these seven things.

(No need to reply and tell me you disagree with the first one – I know you do.) 😉

How to Find Your “Friends”

Cross-promotions are the simplest way to grow your audience.

Which is why you should check out this advice about how to find your podcast friends.

(It can also be applied to platforms other than podcasts).

If you find it helpful, you’ll love my podcast this week where a growth expert teaches me how to create my most popular episode ever.

You can also listen to it here.

So You Say You Want a Resolution

Looking for a powerful New Year’s resolution?

Here are 11 to consider.

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