Building In Public Is A Trap

A bunch of people are going to disagree with this, but…

Building in public is a trap.

1. Building in public does more harm than good for MOST entrepreneurs.

2. It’s only valuable if your target audience is other BUILDERS.

3. People who aren’t building something don’t care how you build your thing.

4. Building in public is about your own goals, but your messaging needs to be focused on your audience’s goals.

5. Building in public is a distraction – time spent creating content about how you work is time that could have been spent helping your audience do theirs.

6. It feels good to get praise from your peers (other builders), but it doesn’t actually grow your business.

7. Your goal isn’t to get attention for what you build – it’s to get attention for the value what you build provides to others. Those aren’t the same thing.

8. Customers don’t care about your journey – they care about their journey.

9. Building in public isn’t how you build a meaningful personal brand – building something people love is.

10. You should absolutely communicate with your audience, but you should focus those conversations on what they most care about – which is never your monthly revenue rate.