Four Ways To Think Bigger When Promoting Your Creations

Four Ways To Think Bigger When Promoting Your Creations

Test big changes to discover big improvements.

The best way to improve something is to test it, but not all tests are created equal.

Creators tend to think too small when experimenting with how they produce, promote, or monetize their creations.

You may tweak an email list signup form, try a different caption when sharing your video on social media, or switch up the photo you use to promote your product.

But the elements you’re testing probably aren’t the ones that can make the biggest impact.

Tiny tweaks only lead to tiny improvements. Think bigger.

For example, here’s what most creators test when trying to improve their email signup form:

• They change the call-to-action button from the word “Subscribe” to “Join” or “Try It.”

• They change the form color from blue, to green, to red.

• They add a mention on the signup page about how many subscribers the newsletter has or some testimonials.

Those are all great things to test and they can make an impact.

But to unlock a larger improvement, think bigger.

Don’t test minor tweaks to your presentation — test major shifts to the underlying messaging itself.

Let me explain…

It’s fine to switch a couple words or colors, but you’ll learn more — and potentially gain more — if you test the reason you give people to take action in the first place.

Test a completely different take on the value you offer, audience you serve, and how you present your creation.

Here are a few easy ways to think bigger when it comes to testing:

1. Test A New Emotion

If your current messaging offers people a way to become happier, try a new take that focuses on helping them feel less stressed instead.

2. Test A New Value Proposition

If your current messaging promises a way for people to earn more money, try a new take that promises them a way to save time.

3. Test A New Premise

If your current messaging is framed around the idea that focus is hard (so people need your creation), try a new take that suggests focus is easy (with the help of your creation).

4. Test A New Audience

If your current messaging speaks to Moms, try a new take that speaks to both mothers and fathers.

Your specific tests obviously depend on your unique creation and goals, but the point is not to settle for minor tweaks in your testing.

A different emotion, value, premise, or audience has the potential to make a way bigger impact than a different color button ever could.

Give it a shot this week and you don’t have to reinvent your whole website, build a new product, or launch an entire ad campaign to do so.

An initial test could be as simple as changing up the way you talk about your creation in conversations, sales emails, or social media posts.

You never know what you might learn.

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