How To Avoid Devaluing Your Work

How To Avoid Devaluing Your Work

So many people devalue their own work. 

That’s why I jumped at the chance to ask Business of Expertise author David C. Baker how to avoid doing that.

On my I Want To Know podcast, he shared some great tips to help you get paid what you’re worth:

1. If you feel like your sales process is fragile, that’s a bad sign. 

You shouldn’t be backing off things, making exceptions, agreeing to more than you’re comfortable with, etc.

2. Allowing for scope creep is the most common way people devalue their work. 

It’s not always about your fee — it’s about allowing people to take advantage of you. 

Death by 1,000 cuts as opposed to one big thing.

3. You can’t allow yourself to be driven by a crushing need to feed the machine. 

If you feel pressure to close business, you’re going to overinvest in the sale. 

And that leads to trouble. 

Here’s the key to avoiding that…

4. The gap between your capacity (the amount of work you can/need to do) and your opportunity has to be substantial. 

That gap represents your ability to say no. 

The more that gap shrinks, the more you need the sale. 

And the more likely you are to devalue yourself.

5. Establish your value BEFORE you speak with a potential client. 

This is why content — a book, newsletter, podcast, blog, etc. — is so crucial. 

Without it, you’re an undifferentiated expert who will need to define your value to the client. 

That sets you up for trouble.

6. Never try to convince someone of your value. 

Simply figure out how they PERCEIVE your value. 

If there’s any confusion or hesitancy on their part, get out of there. 

Don’t try to convince them.

7. The goal is to have potential clients feel understood because they know you’ve seen their situation a million times. 

They should feel like you get them and understand their world. 

That’s what good positioning does.

This is the tip of the iceberg of what David C. Baker shared in my podcast. It’s a master class on how to build a successful business based on your expertise. 

Watch it here: