10 Brutally Honest Answers To Questions You May Have As A Creative Entrepreneur

1. “Do I have to focus on a niche?”


You’re welcome to do it the hard way if you want.

2. “Why do other people’s tweets do so much better than mine?”

There are 3 possibilities:

  • Your tweets suck. (Probably not.)
  • They’re using engagement groups, ads, or some other thing to boost their tweets. (Maybe?)
  • What they’ve done off Twitter got them more followers than what they do on Twitter. (Probably.)

3. “Why isn’t my newsletter growing?”

Either people don’t know it exists, they don’t want it, or both.

You can’t get 100 subscribers if only 10 people are exposed to your newsletter.

And if only 1 out of 10 of those people sign up for it, you haven’t explained its value.

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4. “How do I get started?”

Pick a person with a problem.

Create a solution for them.

Put it where they can see it.

Share it with others.

5. “How much should I charge?”


6. “What kind of content should I create?”

The kind that solves problems you used to have.

7. “Why aren’t more people buying my product?”

Did you ask anyone if they wanted it before you made it?

Do they have any reason to trust you?

Did you make what you wanted to make or what they wanted to buy?

Have you shown them the results people who bought it have gotten?

8. “Do I need to have a personal brand?”

You already have one.

The question is do you want to define it or allow others to define it for you.

9. “How can I develop a passive income stream?”

By being very active.

10. “How do I get a bigger audience?”

By focusing more on the people who do follow you than the ones who don’t.