Welcome Back To The Jungle

I came across a couple short web documentaries that look at different aspects of Guns N’ Roses history that are worth checking out.

The first features Marc Canter (of Canter’s Deli fame) reminiscing about his days growing up with Slash and Axl and holding out hope that he can someday reunite them.

The second tells the story of how the band wound up on MTV, despite the network’s owner doing everything in his power to keep them off his airwaves.

Information Overloaded

I was reading an article about Twitter’s “huge problem,” and came across some pretty mind-blowing numbers about the level of information overload we face these days.

Apparently, the average American consumes five times as much information as they did 20 years ago, including 100,500 words and 34 gigabytes (the equivalent of an entry-level iPhone) of information EVERY DAY.

What’s even scarier is that those stats are from a study conducted in 2008 – so I’m sure it’s a LOT worse now.