What’s The First Movie That Made You Laugh?

Our newest Academy Originals video today features a star-studded lineup of filmmakers and actors including everybody from Oprah to Daniel Radcliffe reminiscing about the first films that made them laugh.

I really can’t remember what the first movie that made me laugh was, but I definitely remember being slightly obsessed with Better Off Dead, which came out when I was only 10-years-old so that had to be in the mix I guess.

And just thinking about the line “I want my two dollars!” still makes me smile.


It’s Official: I’m Old.

Buzzfeed recently put out a couple videos featuring adults (loosely defined as people who are 38-years-old I guess?) trying to explain what they think current teenage slang words mean.

As much as I’d like to think I’m relatively in touch with the latest slang (World Star Hip Hop actually does have some redeeming value!), I only knew about 70% of the words featured in the two videos below.

Actually, the more I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t be proud of even knowing that many of them.


A Hip Hop Threesome

Here’s a few hip hop songs/videos that caught my eye recently…

First, Nicki Minaj appears to have captured the whole world’s attention with her twerk-tacular “Anaconda” video. It’s far from the greatest song in the world, but Nicki sure has mastered the art of getting people to pay attention to her.

But the real fun of this video may be in the YouTube comments, where people are trying to figure out “What has music become…” and “How did we get here?”

About as far away from Nicki’s ass as you can get on the hip hop spectrum is the song “Which Side You On” from Rhode Island rapper B Dolan.

The song came out in 2012, but I just discovered it today on Reddit’s Listen To This page. It incorporates a 1931 Pete Seeger tune into a reminder that hip hop can actually be about important issues some times.

Finally, I’m not quite sure what to make of Nick Cannon dropping a track where he raps about being more financially successful than the world’s biggest rapper. But I guess if nothing else, “More Money Than Jay Z” is worth a listen.