How To Find Your Tribe

How To Find Your Tribe

Your tribe probably isn’t who you think it is.

When we think about a tribe, we assume it’s people like us.

But the more valuable people to have in your tribe aren’t what you are now — they’re what you used to be and what you hope to become.

The people who are what you used to be are struggling with the same challenges you have already overcome. That means they will value your expertise and experience and that creates opportunities for you.

On the flip side, people who are doing things you hope to eventually do can show you how to do them. Joining a tribe of people who are slightly ahead of where you are is the most valuable network you can assemble.

So how do you find these people?

Put things into the world that share the lessons you’ve learned and it will attract people who are currently trying to solve similar problems.

Find people doing the things you hope to do some day and see who they follow and where they hang out. Put yourself in their orbit.

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