How I Got 28% More People To Open My Newsletter Last Week

Every Sunday I send my For The Interested newsletter to subscribers. 

On Friday, I re-send it to people who didn’t open it. 

Doing that one simple thing consistently gets me an extra 15%-30% more opens every week and people often THANK me for the re-send. 

Last week, 5,608 people opened it when I first sent it on Sunday, and another 1,588 people opened the re-send on Friday.

If you’re going to try something similar — and I recommend you do — here are five things to keep in mind…

1. Use a different subject line than the original send and acknowledge it’s a re-send. 

I use “Here’s what you missed.” 

You don’t want people to think it was a mistake or they’re double subscribed. Make it clear why they’re getting it again.

2. Send the follow up at a different time/day than the original send. 

My newsletter goes out on a weekend morning, so my follow up goes out on a weekday afternoon. 

This way you hit people at a different time and in a different situation where they may be more likely to open.

3. Anyone who responds to the follow up and tells me they don’t want follow ups or they opened the original (tracking isn’t 100% accurate), I opt them out of future follow up emails. 

Not many people have done that in my case, but the ones that have I tag as a segment and exclude.

4. While the re-send is basically the same newsletter I sent originally, I do add a paragraph at the top of it that explains it’s a re-send. 

Again, I want people to understand why I’m sending it and why they’re getting a second email.

5. Only do this if readers voluntarily signed up to get your newsletter and essentially the newsletter is the product. 

It’s one thing to re-send to people who said they want your newsletter each week, it’s another to re-send to people who gave you their email for another reason.

If you found this useful, meet your favorite newsletter.