3 Ways To Find Great Content To Share

3 Ways To Find Great Content To Share

You don’t have to create everything yourself to create value for your audience.

In my Content Compass workshop, I share a simple system you can use to find share-worthy content.

It makes it easy to fill your newsletter, social channels, and blog posts valuable content your audience will love.

Here are three sample strategies from the Content Compass to try…

1. Do a Niche Google News Search

Instead of just searching Google the way most people do, search Google News to see the newest, most recent content related to your industry.

There are two different types of searches to do in Google News.

The first is a niche search in which you search for the kind of terms that are an exact match for your target audience.

Here’s an example from The Content Compass:

2. Do A Broad Google News Search

In addition to doing niche Google News searches, you also want to search for broader terms related to your niche in Google News.

Here’s an example from The Content Compass:

3. Join A Niche Community

To find share-worthy content, you don’t have to do all the searching yourself.

You can also leverage existing communities of people who are interested in your niche and are finding and sharing valuable stuff every day.

Here’s how to find a good community and leverage the wisdom of the crowd to find content your audience is sure to love:

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Ken West