10 Questions That Reveal Missed Opportunities In Your Business Model

10 Questions That Reveal Missed Opportunities In Your Business Model

There’s likely something missing in your business model. 

And you’re about to find out what it is. 

Ask yourself the following 10 questions and get ready to see the opportunities you’ve missed…

1. What would your business look like if you could only offer one product or service? 

Most of us have too many offers. 

The less you offer, the stronger your offer becomes. 

And the clearer your messaging becomes.

2. What would you have to do to justify a 10x price increase? 

You don’t always have to offer more to be able to charge more. 

Sometimes you just have to offer different. 

Or offer it to a different audience.

3. If you had to partner with someone who offers a complementary product or service, what would it be? 

There are steps before and after any problem you solve which customers also need help with. 

Find the people who can help them. 

And partner with them.

4. If you had to double your profit without growing your revenue, what would you do? 

I have no idea what you’re spending money on.

 But I know you spend it on some things you don’t need to. 

Identify them. 

Remove them.

5. If you had the budget and were forced to acquire another business, what would you acquire? 

The answer to this hypothetical question may help you identify an opportunity to build a version of the thing you’d want to acquire.

6. If you had to sell your business, who would you want to acquire you? 

This helps you identify what you’re building toward. 

Not because you have to sell. 

Because a business you’d want to acquire you is a model for the kind of business you’d like to become if you don’t sell.

7. If someone new had to run your business for a year without you, what would be the first three things you’d teach them to do? 

Congrats, you just got clarity on the most crucial elements of your business.

8. If you had to automate or outsource one thing you do manually in your business, what would it be? 

We tend to think lots of things can’t be automated or outsourced and we need to do them ourselves. 

We’re wrong. 

This helps you realize you CAN make things easier on yourself.

9. If you currently offer a recurring payment model, what would it look like if you had to shift to a one-time payment model? Or vice versa? 

One payment model isn’t inherently better than the other. 

The key is to choose one that aligns with your business and market.

10. What would be the best testimonial you could ever get about your product or service and who would it be from? 

Take your answer to this hypothetical question and use it to inform your messaging on your sales page. 

Promise the results you want to deliver.

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