Josh Spector Consultant + Creator


Inspired by this Derek Sivers post, here’s a snapshot of what I’m doing now.

1. I’m consulting with clients to help them grow their audience, grow their business, or grow their newsletter. And sometimes, all three.

2. I’m publishing my For The Interested newsletter every week for three years and counting (except for the one week I took off for my wedding in 2016).

3. I’m publishing a new blog post at least once a week on Medium.

4. I’m sharing valuable tips and connecting a community in the Newsletter Creators Facebook group.

5. I’m developing a course called the Newsletter Accelerator which will be designed to help you grow your newsletter.

6. I’m tweeting a lot.

7. I’m enjoying my life in a great city with a great wife – both of which continue to put up with me for some reason.


This is accurate as of May 29, 2019 and is subject to change, except for the part about my wife hopefully.

By Josh
Josh Spector Consultant + Creator