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Jon Snow Just Ruined The Best Thing About Game of Thrones

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Spoiler Alert: If you ‘re not caught up on Game of Thrones you should stop reading now because it will spoil things for you. And if you don’t watch Thrones at all you should stop reading because you’re going to be really bored by it.

There’s a lot to love about Game of Thrones, but right at the top of that list has been the show’s willingness to kill off any character at any time for any reason.

From its first season and the surprise killing of Ned Stark, the show repeatedly delivered major shocks by eliminating major characters. In doing so, it established a tension that serves every scene in every episode – a suspense that hangs over each interaction because you know any given line could be a character’s last.

Then, they killed Jon Snow and nobody quite believed it.

And last week, they resurrected him (At least I assume that’s what happened – it’s possible I’m wrong because like most people I only understand 50% of what I see on that show).

Jon Snow’s resurrection may be the most entertaining resurrection story I’ve seen since watching Sam Kinison explain what happened to Jesus, but it’s still troubling. Not because I care about the impact it will have north of the wall or on the 8,635 other ongoing Thrones storylines, but because I worry the show’s producers just undercut their own super power.

Suddenly, we know any character who gets killed has the potential to return. Death is no longer final – it now might just be a minor distraction from a character’s normal, miserable, Thrones existence.

That drastically changes the game (no pun intended) and may suck a lot of suspense out of future scenes. It’s kind of a bummer.

By not killing off Jon Snow, Thrones may have damaged the best weapon in its dramatic arsenal.

“All men must die” doesn’t have the same oomph to it when it comes with an asterisk.

(NOTE: If Jon Snow somehow turns into a dragon next week, I take back everything I said.)

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By Josh
Josh Spector Consultant + Creator