For My Next Trick, I’ll Show You A Magic Video

I’m not exactly the world’s biggest magic fan, but somehow a new magic talent show hosted by Penn and Teller has caught my attention recently.

The premise of the show is that magicians come on and perform some tricks, and then Penn and Teller try to guess how the trick is done. If the magicians can fool Penn and Teller, then they “win.” I have no idea what they win, but who really cares anyway?

This is a long-winded way of saying that below you can watch a video of a magician named Shin Lim who actually does some pretty compelling tricks.

Stephen Colbert’s Public Access Show

I like Stephen Colbert and was mildly excited for him to take over for David Letterman soon, but after seeing his new promotional stunt I’m a lot more excited.

Colbert made a surprise appearance on a Michigan public access television show called Only In Monroe and took over the show for 40 minutes of funny stuff including interviews with the show’s usual hosts and Eminem (yes, that Eminem).

The whole thing is worth watching, but if you’ve only got a couple minutes to spare then I’d recommend at least checking out his bit about a local Yelp battle that starts at about the 15-minute mark.