Seth and Gary

Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Nobody’s had a bigger influence on my career than these two guys – despite having never met Seth and only meeting Gary once.

Their perspective on business, marketing, social media, creativity, and life in general should be required reading/watching/following for anybody who works in those fields.

My job didn’t exist when I was in school and theoretically there’s no way I should know how to do what I know how to do.

The reason I know how to do these things is largely because of Seth and Gary.

They were a tipping point that led me down a rabbit hole of learning and self-educating that helped me develop the skills needed to have the success I’ve had so far.

Seth, through a daily blog he’s run practically since the Internet was created and through a series of incredible books (most notably, Tribes).

And Gary, through his personal social media content machine and amazing talks that are as inspiring as they are intelligent (as well as his own great books like the new #AskGaryVee).

These two share a lot of common ground, but they’re also completely different. The mindful, soft-spoken, intellectual Godin contrasted with the aggressive, combative, hustler that is Vaynerchuk.

Individually, they have valuable insights to share with the world. Together, they’re a master class.

But I’ve never actually seen them together – until now.

Seth recently appeared on an episode of Gary’s web series where they tackled questions from viewers.

Watching them agree – and often, disagree – on the answers to questions is fascinating and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The video’s about 37 minutes long and well worth your time, but if you’ve only got a couple minutes to spare make sure you at least watch the part at the 19:23 mark when Seth explains why he doesn’t use social media beyond his blog and Gary explains why he lives and breathes social media.

You won’t regret it.


How To Find Fulfilling Work

I know a lot of people looking for jobs right now and even more people looking for jobs they won’t hate.

Or, as more sophisticated people call it, “fulfilling work.”

(Personally, I’m just happy when I can prevent “work” from getting in the way of work.)

In an attempt to help one such person today I did what I always do when faced with a challenge – Google it.

Minutes later I was browsing approximately 1.5 billion videos on YouTube featuring people giving advice about how to find a job that you’ll love. In keeping with the usual YouTube batting average, the vast majority of the videos were pretty awful.

And ironically, most of the people making the “How to find a job you love” videos didn’t seem to be having all that much fun doing their own work. Then again, maybe it was just that they didn’t love professional lighting enough to incorporate any of it into their videos so the hostage-chic backdrops they were using clouded my judgment of their work happiness.


I did come across one video that was not only well-produced (and animated), but seemed to actually have some decent information in it. So, here’s a look at how to find fulfilling work – at least according to one British guy on YouTube.


Beautiful Reactions

It’s amazing how uncomfortable most high school kids are with being told they’re beautiful. I wonder if adults would react any better – part of me thinks they’d actually react worse.