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BJ, K-Flay, & Hardaway

This Never Happens At The NFL Pro Bowl…

Last night in the Rookies vs. Sophomores game or whatever the NBA is calling it these days, Dion Waiters had himself a little one-on-one game within a game matchup with Tim Hardaway Jr. I’m pretty sure it was the most meaningful contribution either guy has made to the league so far this season.

This Is Like Lorde, Only Totally Not Like Lorde…

K.Flay is supposedly a rapper, but this doesn’t exactly sound like rap to me. Sounds a lot more like Lorde. Semantics aside, it’s pretty good.

So Apparently The Japanese Hate Sex Now…

Saw some pretty bizarre stats in Esquire magazine today. A recent study found that nearly half of Japanese women between the ages of 16-24 have no interest in or “despised” sex. Even more bizarre? More than 25% of Japanese men agreed.

The article went on to explain that a lot of Japanese people have decided that it’s a lot easier to just masturbate and/or use “sex robots” to take care of their business as opposed to engaging with other actual humans. They also blame it on Japan’s love of “dirty cartoons.”

I’d give you a link to the article because I know this sounds like something I made up, but I can’t find the article on Esquire’s website – I read it in an actual print magazine. I know, that’s super vintage-y of me.

I Learned Some Stuff From Listening To BJ Novak Talk To Chris Hardwick…

BJ Novak of “The Office” fame was on The Nerdist podcast recently and it inspired me to share some of what they said with my comedian pals over on Connected Comedy. You can read it here.

Hanging Out With Howard Stern And Jerry Seinfeld…

Jerry Seinfeld was on Howard Stern’s show a few months ago and it was absolutely riveting to watch/listen to for more than an hour, so I was excited to see Stern return the favor and appear on Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee show. But, it was kind of disappointing. It turns out Howard is a lot better at interviewing Jerry than the other way around. Judge for yourself by watching here.

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