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  1. What are you doing with your canvas? Hopes and Dreams live beyond our human canvas by the Holy Spirit’s Direction; what are you doing with your canvas?

  2. It’s about LIFE . . . LIVE IT!! . . . . . . . . and use their bank . . . . . but I digress!!
    Wonderful Commercial, wonderfully done!!

  3. Dreams; that is what we live for and it is our purpose. If we forget, we gel into nothinglessness and live for nothing. I cry every time I see this commercial. It is on my toolbar so every morning I remember what my purpose is on this earth for this short time.

  4. In the end, dreams keep,us going, and motorcycles keep the dream alive. When we get on a bike and twist the throttle,we’re propelled forward in more ways then one. When that guy pulled on the throttle in the video I could feel it. Wow. It just lifted up my day.

  5. This chokes me up everytime I watch it. Anyway, reminds me of my big trip alone from Edmonton to L.A. on a Honda CX500 in ’78. Aaaah! Gave up riding a couple of years later when I got married ’cause I thought I should ‘settle down’. Heck with that, think I’m gettin’ another bike. “I don’t wanna a pickle, just want to ride on my motorsickle – Arlo Guthrie.” But I still like pickles.

    • Arlo: So glad to see people out there remember Arlo…….. I miss u and your dad’s music…. still downloading it…. go for it!

    • Right on Bro! I rode my 1971 Honda 350 SL from Cali to OK – TX and back in 1973, 2 yrs after the “Nam”… what a trip!! I remember that
      Arlo Guthrie line… love it! Good luck…


    • I think you missed the spirit and message in this uplifting video.
      Your comment is totally unrelated and full of anger

      • Why is that message angry? Statements of truth just are. The government does not promote pro-active health, because it is in the pocket of big pharm. Why all the pill pushing instead of other measures? Healthcare packages do not include preventive or pro-active health procedures/practices, or promote goals to get one healthy and support those activities. People will be healthier in the long run; it is obvious that our entire healthcare system is not focused on this. ObamaCare will make it even worse.

        Dreams are nice, but what about faith?

    • Suezeene, I suggest you take a valium and return to graduate high school…like others have said, your comment has nothing to do with the video…and it’s an unthoughtout comment to boot!

  6. The purpose in life is to dream dreams and bring such as that are right for you, to fruition. I have been starting the classes I teach over a 40 year span, what ever the subject: With “why are you here and what are the goals in your life.” Unfortunately, it is all downhill after that.

  7. I’ll be 81 in a few months. Haven’t ridden in about 5 years. Maybe it’s time to start again.
    I think I’m in better condition than some of the guys in the video.

  8. Turned 50 this year. Two years ago I was talked into buying a M/C by a friend. I have put over 25000 miles on it through Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Best thing I ever done. Too many memories with too many friends and family to mention here. If you are thinking about doing it, stop thinking and DO IT!!!!

  9. I just turned 75 this year & I think you have to be a bit older to appreciate this ad & what they are saying. I got tears thinking of deceased wife & the few short years, maybe its time to find a sports car and go for a drive.

    • I think you should go for it!! life is to short, I too am 76 and lost my love 2 years ago, lived in Co. but my kids wanted me closer to them so now living in Ne.

  10. In a small, almost insignificant way compared to these 5 youngsters, I know how these men feel.

    I turned fifty in 2011. I decided I would run in, and finish, the 2011 Honolulu Marathon, almost exactly 25 years after I last ran it as a “stud” 25 year old grad student.

    That’s what I told almost everyone. My real dream? To finish one second faster.

    Well, I didn’t finish one second faster.

    My tweet to my supporters around the world says it all:

    “It’s official—I finished The Honolulu Marathon just over 12 minutes FASTER than I did as a grad student! I am in better shape now than 25 years ago! 50 rocks!”

    I know how the motorcycle gang in the short film feels…ALIVE!!!

  11. I am 71.
    I have lost a spouse, best friends, and soon, my only brother.
    I am living with a woman who is 79.
    We talk about the substance of this film regularly.
    You are never any younger than you are at this very moment.

    • Cool…time to quit talkin’ and start doin!’ Am 62 this year, ride to work on a nice sized bike and go riding on the weekends, in Thailand. Dangerous to ride in Asia, but more dangerous to sit and wish…and never do. Get your ol’ lady out there, live a little before you don’t! After this, we’ll all be dead a very long time…Bless you!

  12. Amazing that a commercial can provide such sage advice. My wife and I both had bouts with cancer. We’re in our late fifties. We’ve been talking about going to Europe for years. I finally put my foot down this year and said we’re going and we’ll figure out someway to pay for it. I cashed in all my miles so we’re flying 1st class and are taking a 2 week cruise when we get there with some days on each end to enjoy London and Rome. We’ll be living.

  13. I haven’t ridden in years. I really loved it too. Even riding in the rain for a short while was fun. The commercial is the best I have ever seen, it makes want to ride again. Was that James Coburn narrating?

  14. Never thought of myself as a motorcycle mama, but this video made me
    cry today – another Valentine’s spent alone, divorced 18 years – message
    is clearly there is something inside each of us that can make out heart
    sing and spirit soar…I will spend the rest of the day and week thinking of
    dreams instead of disappointments.

  15. The best commercial ever!!!

    It expresses the inexpressible.

    I rode bikes for most of my life–I know where they are coming from.
    I am now past 77 years.

  16. I am now 76 and have been suffering from Arthritis for more years than I can remember. Last year I was told that I had Myeloma a cancer that can not be cured, it destroys the bones and makes them weak, so life is going to be very boreing. I started riding bikes in 1955 when in the RAF but not for a very long time since. Last year I bought a 125cc bike off eBay, it is all I can manage to hold upright but that old feeling comes back when I can ride it. It is not the speed, just doing it! Wonderfull….. Bernie Cambridge, England, UK.

    • Makes one feel young again, doesn’t it Bernie? Man, nothing too much better except for the love of a good woman…I’m blessed to have both! Keep riding, Brother…

  17. I am now 76 and suffering from cancer and arthritis. I started biking in 1955 when in the RAF but not done much in recent years but last year I bought a 125cc bike off eBay, it is all I can manage to afford on the pension. Like the guys in the video I get that wonderfull feeling again when I ride it. It’s not the speed but just doing it! Wonderfull….Bernie, Cambridge, England.

  18. I am now 66 and still ride a bicycle lots. The experience is the same for me as it has always been for the past 38 years riding. With only two ways out of this town, I can always count on a feeling of discovery and adventure, and any time I dream, it seems my bike brings that dream more into focus, and invites me along. Great ad!

  19. You get but one of these things called “lives”- you live one or you don’t. You do things or you don’t. Your life is made interesting in direct proportion to what you actively participate in. It is not about money and extravagant vacations,it is watching a game with your friends, sitting on the beach with your kids,going to the movies with the wife…..or not. You don’t have to fill up every hour of every day with appointments but if all you do is just get up and breathe for another 24 hours everyday,month after month, year after year….What’s the point? Call somebody on the phone-tell them you want to go parasailing, fishing, bodysurfing, eat at a bbq joint, grab a beer, throw rocks, shoot fireworks- it doesn’t matter just do something! Life rarely comes with a two minute warning.

    • George: You said it well.
      Another idea is to call someone one the phone today and, if the circumstances aten’t right for doing a physical adventure, just tell them how glad you are they are your friend. Lifeis about enjoyingand sharing enjoyment

  20. Amazing,
    On a video about Remembrance and Love, the majority of the comments are about motorcycles ! Naming brands and models. Oh my ! Riding a Bike or Sports car isn’t what life is all about. No one has made a comment about the real theme. Some of the comment seem to equate the End of Life and Jumping onto some kind of Whizzer. My gosh, Watch the video again and this time ..forget the bikes. They were only a Means to an End..

  21. I didn’t even bother to read the comments. This is a wonderful commercial about what life is all about – north or south, east or west. Life with purpose, regardless of age, makes the time well spent. Thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to this wonderful film.

  22. In 2004 our children were out of the house and I got back into motorcycles
    after 34 years. As in the commercial, I have met new friends, have gotten into
    great shape and never feel as free as when I ride. My best friend and I ride licensed 450 KTM Dirt bikes and explore the Pacific Northwest forest and the high
    desert. What a wonderful experience. Keep riding

  23. ya, I hate emotional manipulation from people selling me something. I am really opposed to this. Events can’t make you sad and depressed, it’s how we look at events that cause that. Events can’t take sadness and depression away either. This is just a company saying something like money will make you happy, and lots of people with money are sad, and lots of people without it are satisfied. It’s self created. I really dislike advertising that manipulates people emotions for profit. Whether it’s a bank or a cigarette company or a country preparing to go to war, I think it’s ruthless and callous and predatory. Also there is no evidence that we need a purpose in life in order to be happy.

  24. I rode with these guys, see Motorcyclist Magazine April 2012. I am taking 10 age appropriate Americans back with me for a ride in Taiwan with the Dream Riders this year.

  25. I’m as old as these guys and have always hated, loathed, despised motorcycles — they’re noisy and dangerous. After seeing this commercial I may have to go out and buy one. Beautiful!

  26. Let me tell you about the sadest person I know. ME , At 71 I have no dreams nor wants and while I have all the money I will ever need, I wish I could find a dream.

    Several years ago after watching fishing videos of our wonderful lakes in the interior I went out and bought a 14 ft. boat and outfitted it with all the good stuff.

    It sits in my yard and I have been in it precisely three times. I have nobody who fishes and lost 16 people I know since November last.

    For those of you who have dreams, enjoy them, nuture them and try and fulfill them. I am still working on having some. Without dreams you exist not live.

    • Ed,
      I’d like to go out in your boat with you. I feel sad that you have lost many people close to you. I am even more sad that you have no dreams. Surely there must be something that sparks your interest.
      I recently resurrected my old 1968 boat and motor from storage and took it for a spin with my brother. It brought back fond memories as a youth, growing up on Long Island. We would load 4 people and all our camping gear in a 14 foot aluminum boat and camp out on a small island near the Atlantic Ocean. We would pitch a tent, make a big fire and roast hot dogs. Good times indeed.

      Sven : )

  27. Great Video, as I guy who loves motorcycles I can relate. very inspiring. But as a commercial, I don’t know, I missed what they’re advertising.

  28. Sometimes I think NOT to have dreams is preferred.

    Always yearning for the Dream fulliment is stressful and and can bring on discontent.

    Then, usually, the Dreamer is not completely satisfied even if His/ Her dream is
    Realized. Feelings of accomplishment, and being happy due to Dream fulfillment is short – lived and fleeting.
    Soon we again set up the Dream goal all over again, and so on.

    • It’s important to achieve at least one dream before you expire. After that, if you feel unfulfilled, it must not have been a big enough dream, so revise it or come up with a bigger dream and go forth and accomplish that! I’m talking myself into something here!

  29. Why do people always put politics in some thing so simple as this movie about 5 persons that are going through the pain and all the effort of doing some thing to embrace the memory of friends and loved ones. Remember we are all getting old to and wish to have the many friends at that time of life. So please just in joy the add and forget the rest and think what it can mean to you or someone.

  30. I belong to a “Geezer” motorcycle group. We ride for food basically and there is nothing like the freedom of the road on a bike. I wish there were more bikes than cars in the US

    Please – Everyone. Give cyclists – motor and pedal- room to be safe.

  31. This actually brought a tear to my eye! Life is too short, waaaayyy tooo short! Believe me, I know, after nearly losing mine a few times! Dreams keep you going, and “keep you, keeping on”. Age, infirmity doesn’t matter, your dreams set you free, just as a good book can, or a good women! Motorcycling is freedom to dream! 62 now, and 5 years riding, after 28 year hiatis, (too long). GO, DO, BE, and enjoy all that life has to offer. It’s a marathon! Time is running away, try to keep up!

  32. This is my all-time favorite ad. I belong to the Classic Japanese Motorcycle Club where
    we restore, ride and show our bikes in California.
    I’m 79 now and still ride sport bikes (Honda VFR800) plus my two old classic bikes.
    I have a titanium shoulder and lots of other aches and pains, but miraculously, the
    pains disappear as soon as I turn on the ignition and I lose 30 years of age.
    If you don’t ride, try it. You will enjoy ~

  33. Hola todos y todas

    Realmente felicito a quienes participaron en este vídeo, nos hacen llegar al punto en que el limite no existe ese lo establecemos nosotros, esta película nos demuestra que nuestra fuerza nace y se materializa cuando el deseo de hacer algo que nos proporciona felicidad y deseo de vivir llega por medios insospechados y ese es el momento de volar, correr, montar nuestro caballo de acero y sentir que tenemos vida.
    felicidades a todos yo soy uno mas con una BMW-K75-1991. y 66 años de edad.

  34. Well i watch this and smile.. I am just a young buck 66 in june.. i ride weekends BUT my dream is to ride across Canada from the west to the east.. TO PEI.. The message i got was live your dream instead of dreaming and doing nothing…. I have decided to follow my Dream….

  35. Wow!! Have to wipe the tears so I can see the keyboard. Be 79 in a few weeks and have a new 15′ “flats” boat which I named “Last Hurrah”. She moves along at 34mph and, although I have gone faster on the water, I cant quite get my head around what I am doing. I have no problem with this except the desire to spend most of my waking moments with her just zipping around. I do fish with her and the wonderful woman with whom I live and puts up with my nuttiness. Brian, follow it Bro.